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LMS Evaluation

CI Announces Selection of Blackboard Learn 9.1

The recommendation of the Learning Management Systems Pilot Project Committee was presented to the Provost and the CIO this week. The committee was tasked with piloting spring courses in Moodle and/or Blackboard 9.1. There was a strong consensus among the faculty and the students involved in the project to go with Blackboard 9.1. The committee's recommendations are based on pedagogical tools, vendor support, and financial reasons. Both students and faculty felt that it was easier to transition from the current system, Blackboard 8, to Blackboard 9.1. In addition, Moodle is structured so differently, some students and faculty experienced frustration as they learned how to navigate the system. Lastly, the committee noted in its recommendation that at first glance, Moodle appears to cost less, but that when all the real costs are examined Blackboard 9.1 is actually less expensive for the first two years.

Based on the detailed information documented in the committee's recommendation, CI will be transitioning to the Blackboard 9.1 in Fall Semester, 2011.

The full report of the committee (MS Word, 975KB) is available for review.