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LMS Evaluation


Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide virtual environments for the teaching and learning process. They support critical functions of online instruction and course administration, and have assumed an important role in higher education. CSUCI began using Blackboard in Fall, 2002. In the Fall of 2009, the system was branded to CI Learn to allow us to change the underlying application without changing the branding.

Over 80 percent of all instructors use CI Learn in varying degrees. Students consider CI Learn an essential tool for accessing information provided to them from their instructors. In short, CI Learn has become an enterprise application on our campus.

The time has come for the campus community to collaboratively evaluate and decide whether we should remain with Blackboard or switch to Moodle, an open source Learning Management System. Faculty and student input is critical to this process. The process will be facilitated by Judy Swanson, the Director of Academic Technology and the staff Academic Technology Services.

Dare to Compare: Blackboard 9 to Moodle

In the Spring, 2011 Academic Technology Services will be evaluating Learning Management Systems. Be a part of the team!

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Project preparation    
Create public project Web site 7/01/2010 8/15/2010
Create Pilot Volunteer Form 8/10/2010 8/23/2010
Global asking for pilot  participation 9/10/2010 9/27/2010
Select instructors and courses for pilot project 11/16/2010 11/16/2010
Schedule first meeting of pilot participants 9/30/2010  
Instructor workshop conducted 12/14/2010
Pilot Courses Launched 1/28/2011
Conduct faculty survey for vendor demonstrations ???  
Vendor Demonstrations 3/7/2011 3/8/2011
Pilot instructors Surveyed  3/14/2011 3/29/2011
Pilot students surveyed 3/14/2011 3/29/2011
Analyze  survey results 3/29/20111 4/18/2011
Write project report and recommendation 4/18/2011
Present recommendation to Provost and CIO 3/18/2011
Present recommendation to Academic Senate 4/19/2011 5/11/2011
Award contract to selected vendor May?
Enter Phase II (migration and implementation Summer 2011