This guide will walkthrough how to copy your ShareStream media from a previous course into your new CI Learn course.

Course Media Copy Wizard

The first time you click on ShareStream Pick-n-Play (new) from the course menu* you will be prompted with the Course Media Copy Wizard.
*ShareStream must be enabled in CI Learn to copy media. For directions on how to enable ShareStream, refer to the Batch Upload Media to ShareStream page.

  1. Once the copy wizard opens, click 'Yes' to select the course you'd like to copy media from.
    ShareStream Coure Media Copy Wizard prompt in CI Learn
  2. Next, you can search for your previous course or select a prior course folder. Once you have selected the previous course click the 'Copy' button.
    Search or select the previous course to copy media from
  3. The media from the previous course will then be copied into your new CI Learn course.

Refer to the Adding ShareStream Media to Course Content for further assistance.  

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