The Blended Learning Preparation Program (BLPP) is part of the Teaching and Learning with Technology Initiative (TLT). This initiative is aimed at improving student learning at CSUCI through improving the use of technology in teaching. As part of this effort, there is now an opportunity for faculty to work together to improve student learning through redesigning courses to fit within a blended learning framework.

Blended learning is traditionally defined as courses that offer 30%-70% of class time in an online environment. Faculty participating in BLPP learn about course design, technologies and pedagogy regarding teaching in a blended learning environment. Faculty work together during facilitated BLPP working sessions and collaborate online in order to design blended learning courses that support student engagement. The redesigned courses are reviewed by BLPP participants at the end of the semester and taught during the following semester. After the course has been taught faculty review the effectiveness of their newly designed course by evaluating student learning, faculty satisfaction and student satisfaction. The final products are shared  through final reports and presentations available (Spring 2013) on the TLT website.

Blended Learning Preparation Program Cohorts