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Interested In Having Your Online Course Reviewed?

Course design is a process of continuous development, reflection, and revision. Teaching and learning in a digital space is a rapidly changing platform and new territory for most. Feedback from a supportive colleague can bring a fresh perspective and collegial support. If you are developing a course, seeking new ideas, or want evidence of course quality for an RTP or personnel file, consider submitting your course for review by CSUCI’s Course Review Team! Our goal is to provide individualized feedback customized to support your professional and instructional goals.

Application Schedule

Review will be offered in cycles. Each cycle is listed below. However, you may submit a course taught in any semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) during any review Cycle. For example, if you taught the course in Fall, it is OK to submit this course for review during the Spring or Summer Cycle! You may also request review of a course in development. However, we recommend selecting Pathway 2 or 3 for courses that have not yet been taught.

Review Cycle Schedule:

  • Fall Cycle - Early November through the first week of December.
  • Spring Cycle - Early April through the first week in May.
  • Summer Cycle - End of June through beginning of August

Pick the Pathway that Fits Your Instructional Needs

We understand that faculty have differing needs, time constraints, and learning preferences. Our course review process offers multiple pathways so you can pick the format that fits your needs.

  • Pathway 1

    Pathway 1: Written Feedback

    Pathway 1 is designed for those who only wish to receive written feedback. Written feedback includes the completed QLT rubric and feedback documentation. You can opt to meet with the reviewer prior to the review or not at all. Feedback will be sent to you via email.

  • Pathway 2

    Pathway 2: Written Feedback and Follow Up Consult

    Pathway 2 is designed for those who would prefer written feedback and a consultation with the reviewer to discuss the course review results. Written feedback will include the completed QLT rubric and feedback documentation. You can choose to review your feedback and then meet for a consultation or receive your feedback during your consultation.

  • Pathway 3

    Pathway 3: Side-By-Side Review and Consult

    Pathways 3 is designed for those seeking to develop a specific course component or module, preparing to teach a ‘new’ course, or those want some 1:1 support. You will meet with a reviewer in Zoom to look through your course and complete the QLT rubric together. You may choose to focus on the Core 24 or just a section or two from QLT. Feedback would take place during the meeting and documented in the rubric. Plan to allow approximately 2 hours for this consultation.

Additional Review Options

Pre-Review Consultation

Regardless of the Pathway you choose, you also have the option to meet with your reviewer before the review to discuss your goals for engaging in this process and any particular areas in the course you would prefer specific attention and/or resources. You can request a pre-review consultation on the Course Review Application.


Additionally, you are encouraged to complete the Self-Review and include it with your application. The Self-Review will help familiarize you with QLT, help determine which Pathway fits your needs, and identify specific goals and intended outcomes that can help your reviewer customize feedback tailored to your specific goals.

Review Timeline

The total process takes about three to four weeks.  Below is projected timeline of what you can expect fo

Pathways 1 and 2:  Course Review Timeline

  • Week 1: One week Before the Review:
    • If a pre-review consultation is requested, meet with your reviewer in Zoom
    • Receive email notice specifying the date the review will begin
  • Weeks 2-3: During the Review
    • The reviewer will complete the rubric
    • The reviewer will write a custom feedback document
  • Week 4: Feedback Provided based on your selected Pathway
    • Feedback sent via email
    • Follow up Consultations held
    • Next steps established and supported (if desired) 

Pathway 3: Course Review Timeline

  • Week 1:
    • If a pre-review consultation is requested, meet with your reviewer in Zoom
    • The reviewer will contact you via email to establish a meeting date and time
  • Week 2-3:
    • If requested, the reviewer will preview the course before you meet
    • Meet with your reviewer (approximately 2 hours) and collaboratively review the course


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We invite you to pick your path and apply for course review.  Please take a few moments to complete the Faculty Application below.  Detailed course information will help your reviewer customize a review process that supports your goals.  If you have any further questions, please take a look at our FAQ Guide, or contact our Learning Designer, Megan Eberhardt-Alstot, or our Quality Assurance Faculty Lead, Dr. Safa Khan.

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