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Internet Resources

Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is a “free wireless” internet connection that is usually advertised by coffee shops, restaurants, airports, hotels and many other places that usually involve travel, hospitality, and food. Public Wi-Fi is either secured or unsecured.

National and International Network Access

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, network service provided on CSU campuses to provide the ability for visiting faculty and students of participating institutions to easily gain secure network access utilizing their home institution credentials. It also provides CSU faculty and students who will be visiting a participating institution the ability to pre-configure their device for eduroam access, making gaining secure access while away automatic.

View a map of where you can connect to eduroam with your Dolphin email address and password

Using Wi-Fi at Home

Setting up secure Wi-Fi at home is easy. Many companies are currently offering internet access to students and low income households at a reduced rate or free during this time, so check with your local internet provider. Below are some of the current offers available:

Please note: Many routers are shipped with default passwords such as “admin” or “password.” It is important to change these defaults as soon as possible. Manufacturer specifications, including default passwords, are freely available on the internet. We recommend changing both factory passwords and the factory SSID (Service Set Identifier, or the Wi-Fi “name” that pops up when scanning for available Wi-Fi).

Also, some new routers are shipping with complex, unique passwords. It is still a good idea to change these as well as the SSID. Consult your user manual or ISP to get directions on how to change your password.

Using Wi-Fi at CSUCI

CSUCI provides wireless network services for CI students, faculty, staff and guests.

  • CI: Secure Wi-Fi to be used by students, faculty, and staff
  • CI Guest: open Wi-Fi network for guests and visitors
  • eduroam: Secure Wi-Fi network that can be used by students and staff at CSUCI and when they travel to other participating universities

It is recommended that CI users use the CI and eduroam networks. Learn how to connect to the eduroam wireless network.

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