The Latest Updates: Classes have been cancelled March 16 - March 19 in order for faculty to make final adjustments to transition to virtual instruction. Mandatory virtual instruction begins March 20 and will remain in effect through the end of the spring semester ending on May 22, 2020. (Please note: Campus will be closed for Spring Break March 23-27 and the Cesar Chavez Holiday on March 31).

As we work to keep learning during this evolving COVID-19 situation, here are key tips and resources to help you make the shift to learning virtually.

Content adapted from The Ohio State University

Three Key Things To Know

Prepare to transition to a new learning environment by focusing on three key areas. Prioritize your health, and care for your physical and mental well-being. Stay engaged with your courses, and communicate with your instructors regularly. Familiarize yourself with key tools such as CI Learn/Canvas and Zoom, and make sure you can access these resources on the devices available to you in your current location.

Know Your Context

Your health and safety should be your top priority. Take a moment to check in with your physical health – take proper precautions washing your hands and cleaning your devices, and seek care if you are ill. Don't forget to consider your emotional well-being. We know that transitioning to a new learning environment is a big adjustment. Make sure you have the technology you need to access your courses and a stable internet connection. Know where to go if you need help, and communicate any needs or limitations to your instructor.

Know Your Classes

Organize your schedule. Dedicate time for each of your classes, and be prepared to attend live lecture sessions via Zoom if required. Check your syllabus, email and announcements in CILearn/Canvas for details from your instructors on upcoming assignments, testing changes and other course expectations. Expect ongoing changes, and be patient with your instructors – and with yourself – as we all adjust to a new learning environment.

Get to Know your Virtual Classroom

If you are uncertain about your readiness for virtual learning, getting ready is easy! Join Learning Online 101. This is a 100% self-paced free course offered through CSUCI. It takes approximately 1-3 hours to complete, and you will earn a digital badge certifying your readiness for virtual or online learning.

Know Your Learning Tools

Locate the tools you need to access your courses online. Familiarize yourself with CI Learn/Canvas and Zoom, and make sure you can access these free resources on your devices – preferably a laptop, tablet or desktop computer. Your phone will work for checking email and CI Learn/Canvas announcements, and you can use it to attend Zoom meetings, but it should not be your main device for accessing your courses.

Get to Know Zoom

It is a good idea to get familiar with Zoom! This is a video conferencing platform that is FREE for you to use, and includes way more tools and uses than FaceTime. You can expect most of your instructors will be offering either class meetings in Zoom and/or office hours.

While this is a great way to connect with your instructor, Zoom is a fantastic tool for you to connect with your classmates to give each other support in both your classwork and to just stay connected! If you are new to Zoom, please take a few moments to explore the resources below. You can access your own Zoom room and explore different features without inviting anyone else to your meeting.

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