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Learning Online 101 is a Self-Paced Tutorial Course for students that prepares them for technical and academic success in online and blended courses. Many students need the flexibility of online learning, but are not prepared for challenges unique to online classes. Students prepared for self-directed learning, time management, self-motivation, and digital self-efficacy experience greater success in online classes (Shea & Bidjerano, 2010; Johnson & Galy, 2013; Broadbent & Poon, 2015). Learning Online 101 prepares students to meet these challenges and typically takes 1-2 hours to complete.

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What Do Students Get for Completing the Course?

Upon completion, students earn their Learning Online 101 digital badge certifying readiness for online/blended learning. Students submit their badge as an assignment in your course.

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Adding Learning Online 101 to Your CSUCI Course

If you are already teaching at CSUCI, adding Learning Online 101 is easy and takes only minutes. Follow the steps in the guide linked below.

How to Add Learning Online 101 to Your Course

Adapting Learning Online 101 at Your Institution

For those not at CSUCI, we are delighted to freely share this course with other institutions for adoption, adaptation, and remixing. Learning Online 101 is shared with a CC-BY-NC-SA license. Please complete the form below for instant access to all you need to bring Learning Online 101 to your school.

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