Our T&LI team has created an online course template that can be imported into your CI Learn course via Canvas Commons. The resources below will support you during the course design process. Each page in the template includes directions and tips for formatting and teaching online. 

Importing the Template Into Your Course(s)

  1. Log-in to CI Learn and then click the Canvas Commons icon on the global navigation on the left.
    Canvas Commons icon
  2. Search "csuci online template" and look for the Online Course Template shared by T&LI at CI. Click the title to view the resource.
    Online course template card
  3. Select which course or courses you'd like to import the template into on the right-side "Import into Canvas" sidebar, then click the "Import into Course" button.
    Import into course sidebar

Notes about this template after you've imported it from Canvas Commons:

  1. To view an outline of the course, click on 'Modules' in the course navigation menu to the left of your screen. 
  2. Any text highlighted in Yellow is meant ONLY for instructor support while you create the course.  DELETE all instructor directions highlighted in Yellow before you publish the course for students.

View Full Directions for Online Course Template

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