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What is OTPP?

The Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP) is designed to immerse new and experienced online instructors in a fully online, humanized, connected learning experience.

After completing OTPP, faculty are prepared to design and facilitate engaging online courses enhanced with human presence, as well as dynamic student-student and faculty-student interactions. OTPP is aligned with the CI Quality Learning and Teaching (⁠⁠QLT⁠⁠) rubric.

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Why Should I Enroll?

Hear what your colleagues have to say about OTPP.

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What Faculty Say About OTPP

"I understand how to build a sense of community and personal connection with students, even in a setting in which we do not meet face to face. I actually think that an online course has the potential to create the same if not greater personal connection between instructor and students."
"...this is a must take course for faculty who plan to teach online OR who think online learning is nothing more than a glorified correspondence school."
"I knew that learning in a classroom was a social interaction, but for some reason, I left that at the door when I tried to teach online before this course. Now I get it! And, I have learned that there are so many simple (and free) tools online that can help me make the experience more personal and more social".

Who Should Enroll?

OTPP is designed specifically for instructors scheduled to teach online but we also welcome faculty who are either interested in teaching online, in redesigning an on-ground course to be online, or those seeking to infuse educational technology into their instructional practice. However, priority is given to those scheduled to teach in the upcoming semester. Ideally, participants complete OTPP 1-2 semester in advance of actually teaching online.

We are able to accommodate up to 20 participants in Course 1: Humanizing Online Learning. This course is beneficial to all faculty (face-to-face, online, or blended). In addition to experiencing online learning first-hand, you will learn techniques for humanizing any instructional setting with tools already built into Canvas.

However, Course 2: How to Design your Online Course is limited to 10 participants, with first priority given to those scheduled to teach online in the upcoming two semesters. If you are not scheduled to teach online, but space is available, additional participants will be admitted.

You can always take Humanizing Online Learning this semester, and return to take How to Design Your Online Course in a later semester prior to teaching your first online class. If now isn’t right for you, keep in mind OTPP is offered every Fall, Spring and Summer Semester.

Preparing to teach online - recommended timelineSummer Schedule

OTPP includes an intensive, community-based online course sequence followed by an independent, self-reflective ePortfolio creation project. Use the buttons below to view each course syllabus and our current Faculty Showcase.

Part 1: Humanizing Online Learning: 2 Weeks

  • May 29th - June 12th

Part 1 Course Syllabus

Part 2: How to Design your Online Course: 4 Weeks

  • June 19th - July 16th

Part 2 Course Syllabus

Part 3: QLT ePortfolio Development

  • July 16-August 16

Faculty ePortfolio Showcase

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