On Your Own, But Not Alone

The Orientation Modules, Foundation Labs, and Enrichment Micro-Courses are designed for asynchronous engagement, meaning you can login and participate on any day and time that is convenient for you. However, community engagement and discussion will be encouraged throughout! For those interested in a more collaborative experience, a facilitator will monitor each Lab and Micro-Course to provide light guidance and feedback on a weekly basis.

Orientation & Personal Learning Plan

Time: 1-4  Hours

Laying the Groundwork! These introductory modules serve as a gateway experience for all participants, and will lay the groundwork for customizing your Personal Learning Plan. The first three modules include critical technical and pedagogical understandings needed to support an equity-minded approach to student success in a virtual learning environment. 

  • Module 1: Orientation |  From Survive to Thrive
  • Module 2: Beginning at E | Equity, Empathy and Engagement
  • Module 3: Technology | Your supporting Cast!
  • Develop your Personal Learning Plan

Foundations Labs

Select Labs that align with your learning goals.
Time: 1-2 Hours Per Lab

Get the Basics! These Foundations Labs will focus on how to plan, design and develop engaging, interactive, rigorous, online courses using the power of your presence supported by Canvas and Zoom!  

  • Revised & Reenergized: Aligning Objectives and Activities
  • High Touch & Human Centered: Learner Support
  • Interaction for Impact: Designing & Facilitating Interaction
  • Learner Variability and Vulnerability: Course Content and Delivery
  • Measuring Impact: Aligning Objectives and Assessment

Enrichment Micro-Courses

Select Micro-courses that align with your learning goals
Time: 2-5 Hours per course

Enrichment MicroCourses are intended for those who wish to delve deeper into strategies, tools and practices specific to their personal discipline and/or instructional styles. 

  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Equity in Action
  • Asynchronous Interaction and Student Engagement
  • Synchronous Interaction and Student Engagement
  • openCI 3.0 - Affordability and Open Educational Resources


Time: 1 Hour per webinar

Weekly webinars will be offered to support our academic technologies and specialized topics that fall outside of the Foundations and Enrichment Courses. To register for webinars, visit the TLi Events calendar. If you cannot attend on the date scheduled, please know the webinars will be recorded and posted in the TLi Knowledge Base.  

All webinars will be offered Wednesdays from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

  • Canvas
  • Zoom
  • Hypothesis
  • VoiceThread
  • Creative Commons
  • Playposit



The Capstone Project models use of an ‘assessment task’ as evidence of what you’ve personally learned through your engagement in THRIVE. This project will support your planning and development of at least one Online Class for Fall, but we hope you find what you create transferrable into all your Fall Courses. You can work on your Capstone while you engage in programming throughout THRIVE, or engage first, and then focus on your Capstone.

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