What and who is L.E.A.P?

The Leaders in Education Awareness Program (L.E.A.P.) was designed and launched in 2006 to address the interest of CI students in exposing K-8th grade students in Ventura County to the college exploration process.  Each semester, CI student volunteers are selected to participate in this rewarding and prestigious community outreach experience.  L.E.A.P. student volunteers are known for their commitment to community service, love for children and especially for their dedication to CI.  Many L.E.A.P. volunteers are the first in their families to attend college and understand the barriers that first-generation, low-income students face.

A LEAP student’s passion is exhibited when he/she hosts three Pathway to College Campus Visit Programs per month and attends one monthly training.  Aside from being outstanding hosts to our outreach programs, these students are committed to serving as volunteers and coordinators for our large-scale outreach events, on and off campus.

Application opens:
  • Fall Participation: April 1
  • Spring Participation: November 1
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A Big Thank You

Thank you to all past and present CI student leaders who have committed their time to sharing their college success stories with children in Ventura County and made LEAP the award-winning program it has become!

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