Photo of CI reps visiting a local classroom.

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The CI Rep Visit Program is designed to bring a representative from CSU Channel Islands into your K-8th grade classroom to provide a college readiness workshop and engage students on topics related to the college entrance requirements and goal setting. You may register for a visit between Monday and Thursday for up to three presentations a day and a maximum of 60 students per presentation.

CI Rep Visit Schedule Breakdown

Arrival – CI representatives will arrive to your classroom and set up their laptop and projector and provide each participating student with college readiness resources and material encased in a CI folder.

K-5th Grade: Students engage in an interactive college readiness workshop focused on goal setting and preparing for a bright future.  The workshop is entitled ‘Your Path to College’ and is hosted by your CI representative.

6th-8th Grade: Students are engaged in an interactive college readiness workshop focused on the public and private benefits of obtaining a higher education, the college entrance requirements and financial aid. The workshop is entitled ‘Welcome to iCollege’ and is hosted by your CI representative.

Departure – Students will be allowed to ask questions until the end of the time allotted. The CI representative will depart your classroom after each child has had the opportunity to ask as many questions as permitted. Our CI representatives are committed to educating each child on how to prepare for college.

Assessment Type

Students will be asked to take a short pre- and post-assessment in an effort to learn what students gain from their workshop.

Teachers and other school staff will be asked to take a short satisfaction survey on the communication with CI staff during the planning of their visit and on the satisfaction levels of their visit.

CI Rep Visits Available Dates

First Come, First Served: Due to high demand, elementary and middle school administrators are encouraged to register for their visit as soon as possible. 

Dates Available: CI Rep Visits will occur Monday through Thursday from September 4, 2012, through November 30, 2012, and January 28, 2013, through May 2, 2013. Not all dates may be available at the time your registration form is processed.  Therefore, selecting two or more dates is highly encouraged. Program does not operate during campus closure dates, fall recess from November 22-24, 2012, or spring recess from March 18-23, 2013. 

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