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If you are unable to schedule a One-Hour Tour for your students due to tour guides being unavailable or dates being taken, you can still enjoy our beautiful campus by participating in a Self-Guided Tour. School chaperones will be provided with the materials needed to guide their own students through our campus.  Materials include a campus map and speaking points which are provided to the chaperone at the start of the day at CI. Tours may be scheduled Monday through Thursday for a maximum of 60 students per visit.

Self-Guided Tour Schedule

Arrival – Elementary or middle school students arrive to CI and are greeted by a LEAP student volunteer in front of the Bell Tower on Los Angeles Ave.  Students are informed of the visitor expectations and led to their first stop of the tour.

Greeter Introduction – Greeters will introduce themselves as CI students and speak to your students about their majors, years in college and on- and off-campus involvements.  Greeters will then hand you a campus map and speaking points for you to guide yourself through our campus. You will also be provided with a small CI token of appreciation for visiting. One token per student and chaperone will be provided.

Tour Stops– Campus stops will typically include the following locations: Broome Library, University Town Center, The Cove Bookstore, Bell Tower, student housing, Student Union, Recreation Center, and Islands Café.  Due to on-campus construction and for the safety of your students, chaperones are asked to remain with their tour group at all times.

Chaperone Responsibility – School chaperones are charged with remaining with their students at all times and are responsible for ensuring that their students do not enter classes in progress or violate campus rules.

Assessment Type

Teachers and other school staff will be asked to take a short satisfaction survey on the communication with CI staff during the planning of their visit and on the satisfaction levels of their visit.

Grades and Number of Participants Allowed

Self-Guided Tours are only available to K-8th grade students. A maximum of 60 students are allowed per visit with one chaperone for every ten students.

Self-Guided Tour Available Dates

First Come, First Served: Due to high demand, elementary and middle school administrators are encouraged to register for their visit as soon as possible.

Dates Available: Self-Guided Tours will occur Monday through Thursday from September 4, 2012, through November 30, 2012, and January 28, 2013, through May 2, 2013. Not all dates may be available at the time your registration form is processed.  Therefore, selecting two or more dates is highly encouraged. Program does not operate during campus closure dates, fall recess from November 22-24, 2012, or spring recess from March 18-23, 2013. 

Once You’ve Registered:

Please allow University Outreach staff five business days to respond to the status of your request.  You will then receive confirmation from a University Outreach staff member and a preparation packet which will include information on meals on campus, parking, visitor expectations, and a campus map. For more information on this program, contact University Outreach at 805-437-3155 or by email at


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