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Where can I find Veteran or Dependent residency information?

Military connected students may qualify for a tuition exemption.

General Information:

Military Connected Information:

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Where do I go to apply for my VA educational benefits?

If you have never applied for Veterans Administration (VA) education benefits, please contact the VA directly. The VA will determine your eligibility.

VA Education website:

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How will I receive my benefit checks?

You can receive your monies via direct deposit. If a bank account is not available, the VA will send a check to your home address or post office box. If you are requesting direct deposit, please contact the VA directly.

If you have questions regarding payment of your monthly stipends, please contact the USDVA Educational Services office at 1-888-442-4551.

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How does the Veterans Administration know what I am doing?

We will notify the Veterans Administration regarding your status. It is important to notify us of any changes in enrollment status, address, major, etc. in a timely manner. You may visit the Veterans Resource Center (VRC), which is located in the Bell Tower, or call us at 805-437-3524.

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Am I eligible for other financial aid?

For eligibility information you can call the Financial Aid office at 805-437-8530 or visit the Financial Aid Web page.

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Do I need to do anything if I will be continuing and attending the next semester at CI?

Yes. Be sure you request certification each semester you want to use your benefit here:

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Do I need to submit all my transcripts to CI?

Please submit all your transcripts from other educational institutions and military transcripts, CLEP scores, SMART transcripts, ACE transcripts, to Enrollment Services for transfer credit evaluation.

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Are all my CI fees covered by the California Veterans Fee Waiver?

No. Although the California Veterans Fee Waiver waives all system-wide mandatory tuition fees for dependents of disabled veterans, students are responsible for campus fees, course fees and all other costs of education.

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