Committee Charge

To recommend operational improvement activities for administrative efficiencies in all areas of CI and its auxiliaries in order to facilitate administrative and student services that are cost effective, efficient and strategically positions the University for the future.

Committee members are responsible for participating in the vetting of current and proposed campus-wide administrative programs and procedures, and monitoring and reporting back efficiencies achieved within their departments and divisions. Efficiencies include both cost avoidance and cost savings with improved processes.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Presentations

Committee Members

  • Ysabel Trinidad – (Chair)
  • Elaine Crandall
  • Dottie Ayer
  • Aidas Banaitis
  • Nikki Chairez – UA
  • Courtney Ellis – SA
  • Tara Hughes – ITS
  • Brian Lindgren
  • Diane Mandrafina
  • Mary McDonnell – OTP
  • Michael Morris
  • Laurie Nichols
  • Sary Nguyen
  • Wendy Olson
  • Molly Oberst - AA
  • Monica Pereira
  • Mara Pober
  • Annie White
  • Taylin Yalcin