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University Glen Update

As many know, the Site Authority and University Glen were created to support the campus by providing affordable and convenient housing for faculty and staff, and to serve as a means to generate income for the benefit of the academic campus. In addition to these tangible benefits, we are proud of the fact that the community is strikingly beautiful, peaceful, adjacent to wild and open spaces, and faculty and staff are largely spared from the need to venture out onto the crowded transportation arteries that are increasingly becoming an inevitable fact of life.  

Since Kennedy Wilson purchased the University Glen apartments and Town Center complex last August, much has been accomplished.   

CSUCI first welcomed the ES Ring team, led by on-site manager Mandy Robles, who moved into offices in the Town Center to manage the apartment buildings and Town Center for Kennedy Wilson. Beginning soon, the office space they now occupy will be transformed into an additional community amenity with spaces for meetings and socialization, as well as a new fitness center.    

In February, Jake Friesen came on board to serve as the Common Area manager. Jake’s been working tirelessly to get to know everyone, understand the community, and drive the transition of management duties to the new team. Jake attends University Glen Homeowner’s Advisory Council meetings and assists with the minutes of the meetings.

Summer will be a busy time. Plans are moving forward to develop the 32-acre property on the northeast corner of University Glen. The proposal for the development includes a resort-style swimming pool, fitness center, community clubhouse and lounge, a game room, and a mixture of housing options similar to what currently exists. Information is available on the campus website at, which includes dates and locations of upcoming presentations.  

In addition, planning has been taking place for a number of other projects. Maintenance work on all roads and parking areas is scheduled and will include slurry coating and sealing with re-striping and repainting curbs, limit lines, and parking spaces.  Apartments and townhomes will receive a fresh coat of paint. Facilities grounds staff will continue to implement changes over time that promote sustainability including replacing plantings with drought tolerant species. The pool areas will be refreshed with replastering of the pools, addition of barbeque areas, and new paving and furniture.

Although the events to come this summer will require a tremendous amount of coordination, our dedicated team is working very hard to ensure that work proceeds as seamlessly as possible. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the fresh and vibrant appearance that will be the result of all of the work to come. We are thankful to our residents for their cooperation and understanding as we move forward.

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Second Annual INSIGHT Conference

CSUCI held its second Insight Conference on April 21, 2017.  The community activism conference, held at Broome Library and its plaza, was sponsored by several areas in the Division of Student Affairs including Intercultural Services, Undocumented Student Services and Housing & Residential Education, CSUCI’s Center for Community Engagement and BFA’s Title IX & Inclusion office.

Throughout the day, the event brought together over 100 attendees, comprised of students, staff, faculty and community members to hear and learn from local and national organizations about their current strategic efforts to effect social change. Nanci Luna Jimenez, pictured in the bottom left corner of the photo above, served as the opening keynote speaker and discussed the practice of transformational communication techniques, including constructivist listening, as an essential component of advancing equity and justice work.  A list of all participating organizations is listed on the #INSIGHTCI 2017 web page.

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Pamela's Farewell

Pamela Abbott-Mouchou, Organizational Effectiveness Officer, retired on December 12, 2016. In appreciation for her commitment and service to the campus community, fellow coworkers, friends, and family attended an event in her honor.

Pamela started in 2009 as the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for the Business and Financial Affairs. Later, she was appointed as the Organizational Effectiveness Officer. Her service included overseeing the Ventura County collaboration of Lean Six Sigma campus-wide trainings, developing the Conference & Events department, developing the Professional Development department, and various other projects.

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R.A.D. Self-Defense Class

If attacked, what you would do to defend yourself? The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) training offers the campus community the opportunity to learn realistic and dynamic hands-on training. R.A.D. takes place in more than 350 universities and municipal law enforcement departments nationwide. This is the largest women’s self-defense program in the country and it is offered on our campus annually.

The R.A.D. training includes a comprehensive course with awareness, prevention, avoidance, and risk reduction. This hands-on defense training is a 12-hour class (3 hours per day) where participants must attend all four sessions in order to complete the program. The class is brought to you by our campus police department and is available for students, staff and faculty. We encourage you to sign up as soon as you see the notification global email, since the class size is limited.

For additional questions, please contact Rachel Huff at or at

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Spotlight on ... Theresa Kocis

Theresa Kocis, Lead Electrician, has been working within the Facilities Services Unit for over 10 years. Her responsibilities include CSUCI campus fire safety. Theresa collaborates with ITS on the campus-wide fire alarm communication network in order to ensure that the campus has up-to-date equipment on which the Police department can rely. She also collaborates with our campus Emergency Manager, Maggie Tougas on the annual building evacuations and fire extinguisher training. Last year, she trained the Boating Center student staff on how to use fire extinguishers. Theresa also contributes her time working with the BFA Recognition Team.

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Third Quarter Sustainability Report Released

The Facilities Services team has published its quarterly Sustainability Report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2016-17. The report details the incredible progress the campus has made in meeting its conservation and reduction goals for water, waste and electricity usage. Read the entire report (PDF, 5.1MB). 

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Notes from the Strawberry Festival

The 6th Annual Strawberry Festival was hosted at Islands Café on Tuesday, April 18.  A record 2,200 students, faculty, staff and guests enjoyed an all-strawberry, all-day themed menu that included items you’d expect like chocolate-dipped strawberries and a strawberry shortcake station, along with unexpected fare such as a strawberry, brie and bacon sandwich and strawberry pizza with bacon, onions and balsamic.  Two other huge hits were the chipotle and strawberry glazed salmon tacos and grilled strawberry s’mores sandwiches with Nutella.  Each of the fourteen food stations in Islands had a unique strawberry-themed menu item created by Executive Chef Peter Maher, Chef de Cuisine Nic Manocchio and their amazing culinary team.  Strawberry-themed music was provided by campus sound guru JB while a live “strawberry” tray passed strawberry bruschetta.  

Overall it was a fun-filled day and we’re already setting the date for the 7th Annual Strawberry festival to be held next April.  In the meantime, save the date for the 2nd Annual Lemon Festival tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 28th.

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Salute to Wes Cooper

Wes Cooper, Senior Director of Facilities Services, has enlisted in the California State Army Reserves. He will be working 1-2 days a month at Camp San Luis Obispo with the Military Police Unit. Wes was sworn in and took the oath of office on April 6 at Channel Islands Air National Guard Base. We wish him great luck with his new journey!

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Staff Recognition 

We would like to recognize all staff within the division. It is your excellence in teamwork and collaboration that makes us an outstanding campus community.

Ray Porras, Director of Transportation and Parking Services, received the prestigious Flying Dolphin Award during the spring division-wide meeting held on March 22, 2017. Ray goes out of his way to ensure his colleagues are supported while completing his tasks at a superior level. Without hesitation, he accepts new challenges always with a smile and a friendly attitude. Congratulations Ray!

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Coffee Break!

The Recognition Committee participated in a “Traveling Coffee Break” on the morning of Thursday, February 2. The Committee, with support from Vice President Trinidad, created a new event that will include the BFA division staff over the course of the next several months. The event is a small gesture in giving thanks for all your hard work. The traveling coffee includes coffee, tea, pastries, and time with fellow colleagues. Look for the decorated cart to stop by your area on the following dates:

Date & Time



May 25, 9:00a.m.

Facilities, Procurement, Mail Services, and Environmental Safety

Ironwood Hall

June 22, 9:00a.m.

Public Safety and SBS

Placer Hall

July 20, 9:00a.m.

HR, Finance, Admin Services, VP Office, Special Projects, Budget, and Title IX

Lindero Hall

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Did You Know...

CSUCI has an Environmental Health & Safety Department? The Environmental Health & Safety Department on campus works directly within Public Safety. They are vital to sustaining the safety and environmental protection standards for the campus and community. The office has quietly created over 50 operational programs that protect our environment and keep our students, staff and visitors safe. As a University, many people contribute to this effort. The Department's programs are supported by infrastructure, equipment, administrative systems, and thousands of trainings conducted each year. 

Bill Kupfer, Director, has worked for CSUCI since 1998, initially from the CSU Northridge location. He has been fortunate to have initiated programs that continue to protect our environment and help make our campus safer even during challenging and exciting times. Bill believes that their work has been in the best interests of the University and its continuous growth.

Jennifer Lindquist, Environmental Compliance and Hazardous Materials Manager, has been at CSUCI for two years. She provides reporting on environmental compliance permits and management of hazardous materials. Outside of her position on campus, Jennifer manages and implements the Coastal and Inland Waterways cleanup each September, while also serving on the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Team. She enjoys working with diverse individuals on campus.

Joyce Spencer, Health and Safety Manager, joined CSUCI in February of 2014. She manages about 35 programs that address a very wide variety of hazards at the University, and she has spearheaded large scale campus employee training using a modern data system. She is involved with several committees on campus including the Business Continuity Planning Committee and the University Safety Committee.

CSUCI is fortunate to have a dedicated Environmental Health & Safety team to ensure everyone is safe and enjoys their time on campus and in our community.

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New Staff

Michele Cheary

Payroll Technician

Michele began work at CSUCI in January of 2017 as an auxiliary employee and provides payroll and human resources support to UAS employees. Michele enjoys helping her colleagues with any questions they may have regarding payroll and benefits. She also appreciates having the opportunity to assist with meeting their needs and objectives.

Renee Fuentes

Administrative Support Coordinator, HR

Renee Fuentes is the Administrative Support Coordinator for Human Resources and began work at the beginning of the New Year. Renee comes to CSUCI with a wide range of experience that includes general HR. Most recently, she was the Office Manager for In the Mix Events, directing day-to-day operations. Her warm and outgoing personality will enhance the Human Resources team.

Cesar Perfecto

Accounting Manager

Cesar began work at CSUCI on May 15, 2017, as the Accounting Manager for Financial Services. Although he is still getting to know the campus community, he thoroughly enjoys the energy, diversity, and fast pace of the department. Cesar finds that there are many opportunities to learn more and grow as an individual and a team.

Angela Portillo

Employee Relations Manager

Angela Portillo began at CSUCI on March 30, 2017, as the Employee Relations Manager. Previously, Angela worked at the County of Ventura, Probation, District Attorney’s Office and Child support for nine years before working for three years at Service Employees International Union Local 721. She is looking forward to working in a University environment establishing an employee relations program.

Brad Powell

Director of Procurement & Logistical Services

Brad Powell became the Director of Procurement and Logistical Services in December of 2016. He oversees the department's purchase of goods and services, administration of contracts, travel and credit card programs, management of campus assets, shipping/receiving and mail services. Brad moved from Tennessee and enjoys the California weather and visiting Disneyland with his daughters and wife.

Dusty Russell

Special Assistant to the VP of Business & Financial Affairs

Dusty Russell began at CSUCI on January 5, 2017, as the Special Assistant to the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs. He supports the Vice President of the division by conducting research, analyzing policy data and assisting the Vice President as well as other campus leadership in making informed decisions that will help CSUCI most effectively meet the needs of our growing community. As a CSUCI alumnus and with the campus at such a pivotal point in its growth, he is thrilled to be joining a dedicated team working tirelessly to ensure that the students continue to have a rich and unique educational experience.

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Familiar Faces in New Places

Onward and upward! From time to time, employees move into new roles here in the Division of Business and Financial Affairs. Here are some of the employees who've recently changed roles or moved into permanent positions, along with the title of their position:

  • Tomas Arzate, Irrigation Specialist
  • Coleen Barsley, Sustainability and Operations Analyst (permanent)
  • Juan Cardenas, Gardening Specialist
  • Andres Gutierrez, Night Custodian (permanent)
  • Jose Lopez Martinez, Custodian
  • Wendy Olson, HR Manager, Talent Management
  • Eduardo Perez, Groundworker

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