Templates & Tools

Project Charter Starter 
(MS Word, 162KB)
Facilitators, Managers & Project ParticipantsA project charter is essentially an agreement between the lean six sigma facilitator, senior management, and the functional managers, through which the project and its deliverables are defined. X should complete one of these at the beginning of every Lean Six Sigma project.
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FacilitatorsThe SIPOC (short for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customer) is a tool commonly used during the define phase of a Lean Six Sigma project to map out a current process.
A3 Report 
(MS Word, 223KB)
Facilitators & Project ParticipantsThis is a high-level, one-page report that can be used to communicate critical project information, including the ultimate findings and recommendations.
Just Do It 
(MS Word, 57KB)
Facilitators"Just Do It" is a term used in Lean Six Sigma to refer to a process improvement project where the solution to a problem is already known and is relatively easy to implement. This form can help summarize and track a Just Do It.

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