Strategy Map

Division of Business & Financial Affairs Strategy Map 2015-20 (PDF, 286KB)


We support CI’s academic mission by transforming the delivery of services through continuous improvements, providing a foundation that is knowledge driven, flexible in approach, and entrepreneurial in spirit.


We are the recognized leader for delivery of outstanding services to our campus community.


We value a People-Centric perspective that includes Teamwork, Collaboration, and Relationships across campus. In addition, we value Excellence that is exhibited through Efficiency, Accountability, and Conscientious. The Spirit of our Division is reflected by Fun, Magic, Pride, and Integrity.We also commit ourselves to these qualities:

  • Timeliness
  • Safety and Quality
  • Compassion
  • Trust and Respect
  • Dedication and Willingness
  • Sustainability

Our Value to Our Customers

  • We provide responsive, flexible and dependable services that reflect value
  • We ensure that safety of our community and the application of regulation and rules
  • We help solve complex problems by providing a range of operational expertise


Achieve Operational Excellence

  • Prepare for growth
  • Improve customer service
  • Share expertise and services
  • Succession planning

Recruit and Retain a Diverse and Talented Staff

  • Create training and procedures manuals
  • Foster entrepreneurship
  • Offer robust development opportunities
  • Community building

Enhance Resources

  • Document processes
  • Implement online, web-based, self-service solutions
  • Streamline processes to be timely and efficient
  • Eliminate signatures
  • Improve reporting

Enrich Communication

  • Improve websites
  • Add more communication tools (For example: Online hub, blog, newsletter, FAQ’s, annual disclosures, online collaboration tool, contract and MOU repository)