Recognition Staff Awards are presented at Business & Financial Affairs divisional meetings to employees who have shown outstanding commitment to the Division's values.

The Recognition Committee wants to recognize not only those who have received awards, but also the many employees who've been nominated by their colleagues. Here are our past award recipients and nominees.

Spring 2017 Awards

Ray Porras

Flying Dolphin Award

Ray Porras, Director of Transportation and Parking Services, received the prestigious Flying Dolphin Award during the Spring division-wide meeting held on March 22, 2017. Ray goes out of his way to ensure his colleagues are supported while completing his tasks at a superior level. Without hesitation, he accepts new challenges always with a smile and a friendly attitude. Congratulations Ray!

Fall 2016 Awards


  • Anna Campbell - Excellence Award
  • Ben Karanovich - Efficiency Award
  • Andrew Rivera - Teamwork, Dedication & Willingness Award

Other Nominees

Connor Berriochoa, Guillermo Gallegos, Juan Cardenas, Kim Sones, Martin Montejano, Michelle Hense, Salvador Romero

Spring 2016 Awards


  • Rigo LopezTeamwork Award
  • Carolyn ShamowskiDedication and Willingness Award
  • Miguel ContrerasExcellence Award

Other Nominees

Betty Berriochoa, Martha Ferguson, Sherie Frame, Colleen Haws, Danny Haws, Michelle Hense, Rachel Huff, Rachel Linares, Rogelio Mendoza, Christine Miller, Rigo Navarro, Dave Nirenberg, Theresa Olivo, Letitia Poteet, Baldemar Salazar, Sylvia Valencia, Arthur Zumaya

Fall 2015 Awards


  • Paul Lopez - Recognition Award
  • Richard Ortiz - Recognition Award

Team Award for Time and Labor Module:

  • Sherie Frame - Recognition Award
  • Christine Girardot - Recognition Award
  • Betty Berriochoa - Recognition Award
  • Jacinta Bastone Recognition Award
  • Shawn Bochat Certificate of Collaboration
  • Nathan Revard - Certificate of Collaboration

Spring 2015 Awards


  • Anna Campbell - Recognition Award
  • Johnny Carlin - Recognition Award
  • Jay Travers - Recognition Award

Other Nominees

Sandi Gannon, Colleen Haws, Richard Ortiz, Ray Porras

Fall 2013 Awards


  • Theresa Olivo - Flying Dolphin Award
  • Sgt. Jeff Cowgill - Flying Dolphin Award
  • Officer Steve Osman - Flying Dolphin Award