Various forms and documents are available to assist with the logistics involved with managing your student organization.

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How to access forms:

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs should visit Campus Recreation's web page at to access information and resources to address their needs.


For Budget related forms please visit ASI Forms and Documents web page at 

All Other Forms

All other forms for Student Organizations are available in CISync.

  • CISync
  • Enter your University login credentials
  • Go to your organization's portal page or locate Student Organizations & Involvement on the left side of the screen
    • Click on the forms tab icon
    • Locate and submit the necessary form

Please contact Student Organizations & Involvement at 805-437-3356 or  if you have difficulty accessing or completing any of the forms listed above or if you have any questions about starting or managing a Student Organization. 

Student Organization-Related Policies

CSU Executive Order No. 1068 (supersedes CSU Executive Order No. 1006)

This executive order (EO) develops and communicates systemwide policies, procedures and/or guidelines for student organizations and activities. EO 1068 may be viewed online at

Policy on Eligibility Requirements for Membership in Student Clubs and Organizations - SA.21.004

Student Organizations & Involvement collects student organization rosters and verifies member and officer eligibility each semester.  Students who do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements are not permitted to serve as members or officers of the group.  Student organizations should review the policy pertaining to member eligibility located online at

CSU Minimum Qualifications for Student Office Holders - AA-2012-05 

Given the representative, fiduciary, legal, and other long-range policy-making responsibilities and influence of student office holders, it is the policy of the California State University (CSU) that student office holders and systemwide committee appointments have an obligation to demonstrate academic involvement, achievement, and progress.

All student representatives, candidates, and incumbents for major and minor office positions must be matriculated at a CSU campus maintaining a minimum on-campus 2.0 term grade point average (GPA), are in good standing, and must not be on academic, disciplinary or administrative probation. This requirement applies to the major student government offices defined below, minor student representative offices as defined by the campus, and student representatives to systemwide committees.

These requirements are minimum qualifications. The campus president or designee is authorized to increase the minimum qualifications and establish additional requirements as determined by the campus. Student organizations should review the CSU Minimum Qualifications for Student Office Holders located online at