Kilusan Club

Student Organizations & Involvement (SOI) encourages students to establish student organizations that meet an unmet need. Student organizations must design and implement programs, events, and activities which support and enrich the goals of CSU Channel Islands' educational mission. Involvement in student organizations presents students with the opportunity to broaden their learning, obtain leadership and interpersonal skills, and develop a commitment to service. Student participation in student organizations attracts new students to our campus and integrates them into our CI culture and traditions. Student organizations strengthen campus-community relations, improve inter-institutional communications, and facilitate students' acquisition of skills.

Student organizations are expected to abide by all University polices, rules and regulations. 

If you see a need for a new student organization on campus, why not start it yourself?

What is Needed to Start a Student Organization?

  1. Five students willing to participate in your student organization
  2. One advisor (must be CI faculty, staff or administrator)
  3. A ratified constitution (see the Developing a Constitution page for additional information)
  4. An eligible president, vice president, event scheduler and treasurer (see the Officer and Member Information page for additional information)

For more information about Student Organization Registration or to begin the registration process please see the Student Organization Registration page.

Exploration of Interest Status

If student organizations do not have the items necessary to start a registered student organization but do have five interested students, the group can apply for Exploration of Interest Status.  Exploration of Interest Status allows the group to secure meeting space and advertise their group on campus (only). This will facilitate the process for them to recruit members and an advisor, and receive assistance with completing the registered process.  

  • In order to Exploration of Interest Status, students must submit a Request for Exploration of Interest Form (located in CISync)
    • Access CISync
      • Enter your University login credentials
      • Locate Student Organizations on the left side of the screen
        • Click on the forms icon
        • Locate and submit the Exploration of Interest Form (five members required)

What are the Types of Student Organizations?

Learn more about the various types of student organizations.