Academic Personnel Policies

Absence Reporting Procedures (PDF, 168KB)

Policy on Assistance with Photocopying (PDF, 28KB)


Senate Policies

SP 12-11 Post-Tenure Review Policy  (PDF, 28KB)

SP 12-10 Policy on Temporary Faculty Evaluations  Supercedes SP 09-06 (PDF, 345KB)

SP 05-31 Policy on Lecturer Range Elevations  (PDF, 178KB)

SP 11-15 Policy on Paid Professional Leaves (PDF, 72KB)

SP 09-02 Policy on Chair Evaluation (PDF, 184KB)

SP 06-16 Policy on Emeritus Faculty (PDF, 61KB)



Range Elevation Procedures (PDF, 20KB)

Emeritus Nomination Procedures (PDF, 33KB)


Please see our RTP page for University RTP Policies and Program Personnel Standards



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