This Web page serves 2 purposes:

  1. To provide guidance for University employees and organizations that wish to purchase and implement technology equipment, products or services in accordance with University accessibility guidelines; and
  2. To provide an overview for vendors that wish to understand the University's process for procurement of accessible technology.

The Process (updated 2014-10-02)

Step 1. Complete the right forms, and submit them to Procurement

  1. The University employee or organization requesting product purchase (known hereafter as the Requestor) will:
    1. Complete an Accessible Pre-Purchase form (Download the CI Accessible Pre-Purchase Form in MS Word format); and 
    2. Ask the product vendor to supply a completed Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) form.
      (Download VPAT Form and Instructions in MS Word format)
  2. Requestor attaches completed Accessible Pre-Purchase and VPAT forms to the RGS, and submits documentation package to Procurement.

Step 2. Evaluation of request, and testing by Technology & Communication (T&C) staff if required

  1. Requestor and Procurement staff will discuss Accessible Pre-Purchase form and VPAT form to determine if further accessibility evaluation is required. If no further evaluation required, proceed to Step #3.
  2. If required, Requestor or Procurement staff will submit a request to the T&C Help Desk with completed Accessible Pre-Purchase form and VPAT form for evaluation by T&C staff.
  3. If required, T&C staff will complete procedure for product evaluation according to established Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and provide Requestor with results of completed tests. (Learn more about SLAs on the Testing SLAs page)

Step 3. Completion of Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) if required

  1. Procurement staff will evaluate VPAT (and IT test results from Step #2 as required) to determine if an EEAAP is required.
  2. If Procurement staff determines no EEAAP is required, proceed to Step #4.
  3. If required, the Requestor will initiate and complete the EEAAP Form, in consultation with T&C staff. (Download the EEAAP Form in MS Word format)
  4. Requestor submits completed EEAAP to Procurement for review and approval by ATI Executive Sponsor.

Step 4. Purchase the technology product or service

Upon Executive Sponsor’s approval, product is approved for purchase by Procurement.

Step 5. Verify that an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP) has been created and approved prior to launch.

Prior to putting any technology equipment, products or services into production (i.e., prior to go-live), Requestor will provide IT management with a copy of a completed EEAAP which has been approved by the ATI Executive Sponsor. T&C management will verify that an approved EEAAP has been received from the Requestor. Please see Step 3 above for more information on how to create an EEAAP.

Step 6. Launch the equipment, product or service.

Requestor and T&C staff will coordinate the launch of the technology equipment, product or service. Requestor and "Person Responsible" (as designated in section 3D of the Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP)) will coordinate implementation of equally effective access as defined in the corresponding EEAAP.

More Information about the process

View the complete Service Level Agreement (in MS Word format)

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