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UNIV 392 International Experiences

UNIV 392 courses provide opportunities for students to earn credit for travel and study in a country outside the US, where the student is immersed in a foreign culture. With faculty advisor approval, students may participate in a university-sponsored trip abroad or a personal trip abroad. Requires an approved plan of study by the faculty advisor prior to the experience.

Students need a permission number from the instructor to enroll in a UNIV 392 course. This means that there is an application process directly with the instructor. Once admitted, the instructor distributes the permission numbers. 

For more information regarding these courses, please contact the faculty member that is listed beside the course you are interested in. 



University 392 Courses for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Course Description 
Trip Dates
Biotechnology In India


This course will provide students an opportunity to visit India and explore biotechnology advancements there. Students will be exposed to applications in the areas of biotechnology and environmental ecology from the Indian perspective. The trip will include the exploration of four major cities in India, while interacting with scientists and students. 

January 3-Jan 20, 2014

Nitika Parmar

Globalization in Health Care   


An international perspective of global health care issues is an imperative for nursing leadership in the 21st century. In this course students will compare and contrast the health care systems, health care providers/preparation, and health care issues of Ireland with that of the United States.

January 2014
Pauline Hunter

Cultural Diversity and Cross-Cultural Psychology


This experiential learning course will focus on how people of diverse ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds develop their identities, relationships, and cultural competence in a multicultural society. We will examine ways of dispelling preconceptions, stereotypes and prejudices to be more open to learn about cultures other than our own and enhance our intercultural competence. Students will gain a better understanding of the complexity and dynamics of identity development and cultural diversity in Japan.

January 4-Jan 13, 2014
Christy Teranishi Martinez 
Kevin Volkan

Science and Technology in Japan


This is a general education course that includes a field trip to Japan. Students will examine case studies that relate natural and life sciences to Japanese culture and life. In Japan, students will visit Tokyo, Kyoto, and the Tohoku region. Students will volunteer to help rebuild earthquake affected region. Students will meet once a week during the semester. The class is student driven. After the trip students will work on their project, which will also be presented as a poster at the end of the class. 

 March 21-Mar 31, 2014
Simone Aloisio


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