Univ 392 International Experience Courses

Providing international experiences to CI students is one of the pillars of the University mission. This upcoming summer CI offers 5 short-term faculty led courses in different parts of the world. Check out your options below and if you find a course that you like, contact the faculty member directly for more information before the application deadline. Keep in mind that these courses are taught during the summer term through Extended University, which means that, in addition to the specified international travel fee, you will have to pay separate tuition for the course ($426 for 1 unit courses, $756 for 2 unit courses, and $1086 for 3 unit courses). The international travel fee includes flight, lodging, insurance, and some activities. Thanks to the generous financial support of IRA (Instructionally Related Activities Fund), you are only paying a portion of the actual cost of the course!

For more information please contact the faculty directly or Melissa Olague

Summer 2015

China - History

Introduction to the Arts and History of China

This course is designed as an experiential learning activity with the students gaining exposure to guided and participatory activities focusing on the arts and history of China. Through preparatory lectures and presentations, ongoing daily briefings of what to look for and to absorb during the day's activities, and the actual personal exposure and engagement in seeing a wide variety of arts, artistic motifs and cultural values demonstrated through art and historical sites ranging from ancient tombs and religious sites to monuments and locations of contemporary history, the students will have a multi-disciplinary opportunity to expand their awareness and understanding of Chinese history and civilization. Unique to this trip will be a visit to the traditional production center of Ming dynasty, and later, ceramic arts which became world famous in an earlier round of globalization. Historically, the students will get an opportunity to see and compare different periods of dynastic rule as well as to see the results of China's remarkable transformation and modernization over the last half century or so.

  • Application deadline: February 27, 2015
  • Course units: One (1) unit of credit
  • Tentative Trip Dates: May 26 - June 8, 2015
  • International Course fee: $1500
  • Faculty Contact: P. Scott Corbett, scott.corbett@csuci.edu

Costa Rica - Nursing

International Health Care Perspectives through Immersion in Costa Rica

Through partnership with an international service-learning program, students can expand their knowledge of global health care issues, participate in nursing practices, develop professional behaviors, interact with Costa Rican communities through service, and gain basic Spanish language skills for health care providers.

Germany - Business

International Experience- Germany

The academic component of the course will focus on the analysis of business practices in the context of Germany and the European Union. Working with and drawing from CI’s partnership with The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) students will have the opportunity to learn from both American and German professors about the international dimension of business. In addition, we will combine our classroom lectures with several on-site company visits to explore the unique German model of business education that combines academic study with intensive workplace training.

  • Application deadline: March 13, 2015
  • Course units: Three (3) units of credit
  • Tentative Trip Dates: June 4 - June 21
  • International Course Fee: TBA
  • Faculty Contact: Dax Jacobson, dax.jacobson@csuci.edu

England - Communication

Intercultural Communication & Design

This course is designed to increase students’ awareness and appreciation for the intersection(s) that exist between communication and design. Building upon the instructor’s degree in Architecture, as well as his experience working with Architectural firms across the US and his four years of experience teaching Architecture and Engineering,students will explore the ways in which communication processes influence the built environment, and vice versa. Students will also gain a better understanding of diverse cultural settings (e.g., third places) and the skills needed to successfully navigate them.

  • Information session: Tuesday, March 10th, BR 2325, 2:00-3:00pm
  • Application deadline: Wednesday, April 1st
  • Course units: Three (3) units of credit
  • Tentative Trip Dates: July 27-August 5, 2015
  • International Course Fee: Approximately $800.
  • Faculty Contact: Dr. J, J. Jacob Jenkins, PhD, jacob.jenkins@csuci.edu

Cook Islands - ESRM

Cook Islands: Coastal Resource Management on Aitutaki Atoll

This July, will travel to the South Pacific Island nation of the Cook Islands for an intensive, two-week long exploration of these incredible people and their unique ecosystem. We will travel from Los Angeles to Rarotonga (the Capitol of the Cook Islands) on a commercial passenger jet and on to the Aitutaki via a smaller, short-haul plane. Once on Aitutaki, we will be based out of a large “dorm style” guest house where we will sleep, eat, etc. Recognizing that our time in the Cooks is limited we will generally be up early and to bed late. Our days will emphasize practical exploration of coastal resources and culture, often on/in the water or “off trail.” Some of our activities will be designed to support to our local partners and colleagues and their management goals (i.e. Service Learning) while others will be designed to simply help you better understand the extant conditions on Aitutaki.

  • Information session: Late February
  • Application deadline: March 27th
  • Course units: Two (2) units of credit
  • Tentative Trip Dates: Mid July-Early August 2015
  • International Course Fee: TBD.

Faculty Contact: Dr. Sean Anderson (Sean.Anderson@csuci.edu) and Dr. Clare Steele (Clare.Steele@csuci.edu)