Multiculturalism—A Working Definition

Multiculturalism at CI means respectfully coexisting with people of different abilities, identities, and/or practices (including ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, national, and/or (non)religious) in an environment of intellectual curiosity, self-reflection, and civic engagement.


The mission of the CME is to create and sustain a campus climate in and out of the classroom that values and promotes all forms of diversity.  The center challenges students, staff, and faculty to commit to diversity as a source of renewal and vitality that empowers them to change the culture and the world through civic action.


The CI community is one in which every member intentionally acknowledges, values, and engages diversity in a pluralistic environment of mutually respectful intellectual curiosity and freedom.


The CME promotes working toward a just, pluralistic society to end all forms of oppression so that all people engage with mutually egalitarian respect.