Giving FAQs

My gift would be small, so why should I bother?

Every gift makes a difference. Think about this: 500 gifts of $10 equal $5,000! That amount can provide scholarships for five deserving students or purchase a video camera and monitor for career development training. Annual Fund gifts, no matter what size, have a tremendous impact. They fill a broad range of immediate needs and help the University maintain its academic edge.

Can I give to a specific project or program?

Yes. University Priorities lists the general giving funds for CI. You may also contact the Advancement Office directly to get more information on how you can specify the use of your gift.

Who decides where my gift goes if I don't stipulate a specific area?

Unrestricted funds, those not donor-designated for a specific use, are especially important to CI. Unrestricted funds are directed to the greatest needs by President Richard Rush and by the CI Foundation Board. Many of these needs are high-priority, newly emerging, unbudgeted projects for which state funding and other resources are insufficient. Examples of uses of unrestricted funds: scholarships, faculty teaching awards, capital projects, targeted academic disciplines and programs.

How does giving to CI benefit me?

When you make a gift to CI you benefit in several ways. First, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are investing in students and their future through your support of education. Secondly, you are investing in the economic health of our community. You also benefit with the opportunity to deduct all or a portion of your gift on your tax return (check with your tax preparer for details).

What is the CI Foundation and how is it involved with my gift?

The CI Foundation is a separate, nonprofit entity associated with CI that accepts private donations to the University. The Foundation receives, manages, and invests all contributions and bequests. It also distributes the principal or income from gifts to funds throughout the University as instructed by the donor or University administration.

What is a matching gift?

Matching gifts are gifts from employers that are equal to, or sometimes double, the amount that an employee contributes. Thousands of companies match the charitable contributions of their employees, particularly when they give to institutions of higher education. Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. To initiate the process, employees of companies that have matching gift programs must fill out a form available from the human resources department of their company and submit it to the University with their initial gift. Matching gifts are added to a donor's initial gift and the total is credited toward his/her gift and toward membership in donor gift clubs.

How is annual giving different from planned giving?

Annual giving generally refers to outright gifts of money, securities, or property given as a regular, annual gift. Planned giving - charitable support with a pre-established plan - is long-term and usually includes gifts made through wills, revocable living trusts, life insurance, beneficiary designation of retirement plans, charitable trusts, gift annuities, or life income gifts.