Leave Your Mark

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, CI invites you to leave your mark and support your University in a most unique way. Through pavers, benches, or trees, share with others your personal history in the CI story. Your support will renovate open spaces on campus while helping students achieve their fullest potential through scholarships and programs.

Adopt a Tree - $1,000

From Jacarandas to Oaks, each tree enhances CI’s natural beauty - providing shade and gathering spaces for students, faculty, and community members now, while creating an enduring and lasting gift to future generations. The name of your choice will be placed on a plaque located at the base of either a new or mature tree in recognition of your gift.

Adopt a Tree

Read our Tree FAQs to learn more


Adopt a Paver - $250, $500, or $1,000

As we approach the successful completion of the Central Mall, we would like to give you the chance to inscribe a paver with your personal message to be permanently displayed at the heart of the campus. Thousands of pavers will be joined together in a stunning design and are available at three giving levels with corresponding sizes.

Adopt a Paver

Read our Paver FAQs to learn more


Adopt a Bench - $5,000

Beautiful teak benches are placed throughout CI’s open spaces and courtyards, complementing the unique Spanish mission revival architecture of the campus. They are a wonderful way to honor a loved one, remember a friend, celebrate a meaningful oc¬casion, or recognize your organization or group. Your gift will be recognized with a plaque installed on the bench, with the message unique, specific, and created by you.

Adopt a Bench

Read our Bench FAQs to learn more


For more information, contact Nichole Ipach Assistant Vice President for University Development at 805-437-8893 or nichole.ipach@csuci.edu.