• March 1st: Deadline for applications for Fall and Academic Year 
  • October 1st: Deadline for applications for following Spring

All applications must be complete (including budget page) and be approved by both Program Chair and your respective Associate Vice President (AVP) by three days after this deadline, or it will not be considered.

Application Packet

Both the IRA application and a budget page are required for your application. Applications for UNIV 392 international travel must also include a copy of their Center for International Affairs proposal and budget page.

1) IRA Application Form

Our IRA Application is now online! Complete the Online Application

Here is a Word Document that lists out the questions from the IRA Application. (For reference only; Not to be used in lieu of completing the online application)

2) IRA Budget Form

Choose the appropriate form below. Please note that one of the following must be attached to your online application:

If you experience any accessibility issues with the above documents, please contact the IRA Coordinator at

Emergency Requests

Emergency Requests will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

IRA Report Form

Reports on IRA activities are required for IRA-funded events. Forms are due 30 days after the activity took place. Please email your completed report form to the IRA Coordinator (

IRA Post-Activity Report Form (MS Word, 57KB)

IRA Evaluations

Sponsors of overnight field trips must have all participants complete and submit results of the following online Qualtrics survey: IRA Overnight and International Travel Evaluation

Sponsors of IRA-funded actvities are encouraged to utilize some form of student evaluation as part of their required project report. The IRA student evaluation form below is an example of a form to distribute to activity attendees. Digital evaluations are preferred. Contact IRA Coordinator if you need help creating an online evaluation survey for your students.

Student Evaluation Form (MS Word, 24 KB)

IRA Applications for Academic Year 2016-2017

Spring 2017

  • 0819 Island Fox Literary Journal, Peters (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0820 UNIV 392: Journey to the New South Africa, Grove (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0821 Mariachi CSUCItlan de CI, Perez (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0822 Attend Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, Anna Bieszczad (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0823 Internships at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Dougherty (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0824 Conservation Biology Field Trip to Santa Rosa Island Undergraduate Research Station, Steele (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0825 Farmworkers Immersion Project, Pacheco (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0826 Growing Awareness: Pathways to Sustainable Food Security and Community Development through the Creation and Operation of Student Gardens, Maher (PDF, 55KB)
  • 0827 Temporal Art Interventions on Santa Rosa Island, Furmanski (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0828 CSU Student Research, Kelly (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0829 Leonard Cohen, Frida Kahlo, and Diego Rivera: A Musical Appreciation, Brogden (PDF, 56KB)
  • 0830 Noche de Fiesta, Gonzalez (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0831 Guest Speaker for the Chemistry Capstone Course, Awad (PDF, 47KB)
  • 0832 "Radio Production and Introductory Journalism at Dolphin Radio", Smith (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0833 Communication Asset Mapping: A new Approach to Building Community Capacity Through Focused Interactive Mapping, Maher (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0834 CI African Drumming Student Ensemble Recording Project, McNamara (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0835 9th Annual Conference on Social Justice for Education, Itkonen (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0835 Budget File for Conference on Social Justice for Education, revised 11-21-16 (MS Excel, 13KB)
  • 0836 UNIV 392: International Experience Germany, Pehlivan (PDF, 57KB)
  • 0837 Tour of the Port of Long Beach, Delaney (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0838 "Communication Across Campus" Lecture Series, Maher (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0839 PAMU 307 University Chorus Spring 2017 Choral/Orchestral Concert, Liu (PDF, 56KB)
  • 0840 English Speaker Series, Carswell (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0841 Event Planning and Marketing Guest Lecture, Chen (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0842 Jazz Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0843 2017 Detroit Study Tour, Griffin (PDF, 56KB)
  • 0844 "East LA Interchange": Documentary Screening & Campus Visit from Betsy Kalin, Ornelas-Hidgon (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0845 Field Trip to Cal Tech Seminar Series, Thoms (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0846 UNIV 392 in London: Intercultural Communication & Design, Jenkins (PDF, 64KB)
  • 0847 ESRM Spring Speaker Series 2017 The Anthropocene, Rodriguez (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0848 Field Trip to Mount Wilson Observatory for ASTR/PHYS 107: The Stars and Beyond, Rasnow (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0849 Computer Science Seminar Series, Claveau (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0850 Community-Based Storytelling for Social Change (Class Presentations & Workshop), Chen (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0851 Competitive Programming Preparation, Thoms (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0852 Second Annual Celebrating La Mujer: An Evening with Chicana Artist (Margaret Garcia), Valadez (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0853 History of Rock concert/ Demonstration series, Marsh (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0854 Intro to African Drumming "Performance/Demonstration Series", McNamara (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0855 Invited Speakers for ESRM 335 The Beach, Steele (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0856 Biology Medical Career Guest Speaker Series, Denton (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0857 Defiant Braceros Book Talk, Alamillo (PDF, 43KB)
  • 0858 Early Childhood Studies Learning Stories Seminar, White (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0859 Water Resources Management: Owens Valley Field Trip, O'Hirok (PDF, 58KB)
  • 0860 Classical Music Concert/demonstration series, Marsh (PDF, 56KB)
  • 0861 Video-assisted Practice Assessment for Experiential Learning, Nevins (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0862 World Music Concert/ Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0863 2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Kee-Rose (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0864 UNIV 198: Game of Thrones and the Modern Middle Ages, Perchuk (PDF, 56KB)
  • 0865 Santa Rosa Island Field Trip for SURF Learning Community, Alvarado (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0866 Global Histories and their Futures, Buschmann (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0867 Chicana/o History and Culture: Stories, Music, and Song, Barajas (PDF, 44KB)
  • 0868 Human Dynamics and Political Ecology at Carrizo Plains National Monument, Matera (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0869 First Year Composition Santa Rosa Island Trip, Stacey Anderson (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0870 Psychology Guest Lecturer, Moon (PDF, 46KB)
  • 0871 Exploring Swarm Robotics to Mars and Beyond (COMP 490), Isaacs (PDF, 55KB)
  • 0872 Arts Under The Stars, Castillo (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0873 Arts Under The Stars Santa Rosa Island Field Trip, Castillo (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0874 American History Our History: The Triumphs, Struggles, and Continued Social Movement of African Americans in the United States (UNIV 391), Davis-Smith (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0875 Lecture Notes and Textbook Writing (MVS School of Business), Bishop (PDF, 45KB)
  • 0876 Guest Artist Speaker, Alarcon (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0877 Principles of Resource Management: ESRM 200 Field Trip to SRIRS, Rodriguez (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0878 American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco, Veldman (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0879 Understanding Men's Response to Child Sexual Abuse, Niemi (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0880 CI DaDAR: Drone Data and Art Race, Sean Anderson (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0881 BIO 450 Ichthyology: Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Norris (PDF, 77KB)
  • 0881 Budget File for BIO 450 Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Norris (MS Excel, 202KB)
  • 0882 "Bruising for Besos" Film Screening and Workshop, Luna (PDF, 73KB)
  • 0882 Budget File for "Bruising for Besos" Film Screening, Luna (MS Excel, 198KB)
  • 0883 BIOL 433 Field Trip to Santa Rosa Island, Swig (PDF, 68.5KB)
  • 0883 Budget File for BIOL 433 Field Trip to Santa Rosa Island, Swig (MS Excel, 203KB)
  • 0884 American in Paris at the Pantages, Castillo (PDF, 71.3KB)
  • 0884 Budget File for American in Paris at the Pantages, Castillo (MS Excel, 203KB)

Fall 2016

List of Funded IRA Projects for Fall 2016 (MS Excel, 67KB)

  • 0771 Santa Rosa Island Camping Trip (Spring 2017), Clarke (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0772 Psychology Guest Speaker Series, Volkan (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0773 Global Histories and their Futures, Buschmann (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0774 Model United Nations (Fall 2016 & Spring 2017), Grove (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0775 Introduction to Geospatial Research on Santa Rosa Island, Patsch (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0776 UNIV 392: Western & Eastern Approaches to Communicating Health & Mental Illness, Chen (PDF, 60KB)
  • 0777 "Serve It UP" (a collaboration between Multi Access Programs in Student Life and student leaders), Pacheco (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0778 Community Member Mediation Coaching, Clarke (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0779 Radio Practicum Guest Lecture Series, Clarke (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0780 Campus Reading Celebration (Spring 2016 & Fall 2016), Hoffman (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0781 UNIV 198: From Stone to Drone, Grzegorczyk (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0782 ECS and ART: Narrative Stories at Santa Rosa Island, White (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0783 Lalo Alcaraz: Political Activism through Art & Entertainment, Contreras (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0784 Performing Arts Production: "The Thief, the Madman, Don Quixote and the Magic Doors," Mayberry (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0785 UNIV 392: Biotechnology in India (PDF, 61KB)
  • 0786 Woodstock Speaker Series, Peters (PDF, 47KB)
  • 0787 Photographic Documentation of Santa Rosa Island, Furmanski (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0788 History Community Seminar, Meriwether (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0789 The 1960s and 70s Speakers Series, Barajas (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0790 Human Adaptation to Environments: Historical Use and Conservation on Santa Rosa Island, Matera (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0791 Interdisciplinary Marine Debris Survey and Sculpture on Remote Beaches, Furmanski (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0792 Chemistry Department Seminar, Aloisio (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0793 Sustainability at CI, Aloisio (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0794 Academic Profiling: Latinos, Asian-Americans, and the Achievement Gap, Alamillo (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0795 Hawaii's Humpback Whales: Assessing Habitat & Health in a Recovering Population, Cartwright (PDF, 60KB)
  • 0796 Beatles Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 49KB)
  • 0797 Mathematics Undergraduate Senior Seminar, Banuelos (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0798 Political Science Speaker Series, McThomas (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0799 Election 2016 Speaker Series, Frisch (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0800 Chicana/Latina Retreat, Luna (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0801 English Speaker Series, Carswell (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0802 International Symposium on Resilience Research (Mainz, Germany), Soenke (PDF, 55KB)
  • 0803 Conservation Biology Field Trip to SRIRS (ESRM/BIO 313), Steele (PDF, 55KB)
  • 0804 Jazz Performance / Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0805 World Music Performance / Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0806 ACM Programming Contest, Thoms (PDF, 52KB)
  • 0807 Global Premodern Studies Speaker Series (AY16-17), Perchuk (PDF, 57KB)
  • 0808 BIO 316 Invertebrate Zoology Trip to Santa Rosa Island, Norris (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0809 Performance Styles Workshops, Burriss (PDF, 55KB)
  • 0810 CI Rainbow: Evaluation / Maintenance / Tutoring Trip to SRIRS, Bieszczad (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0811 UNIV 498: Air Quality at CSUCI and SRIRS, Wood (PDF, 50KB)
  • 0812 Special Education Professions: Working with Individuals with Disabilities, Dean (PDF, 56KB)
  • 0813 CUBA: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Drumming of the African Diaspora, McNamara (PDF, 53KB)
  • 0814 California Islands Symposium in Oxnard, Anderson (PDF, 51KB)
  • 0815 UNIV 391: Hawaiian Coastal Management, Anderson (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0816 ESRM 492: Service Learning in New Orleans, Anderson (PDF, 55KB)
  • 0817 BIO 499: Sea Change - Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Dilly (PDF, 54KB)
  • 0818 Campus Music Copyright Licensing, Wakelee (PDF, 101KB)

Archive of Proposals from previous years

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