• March 1st: Deadline for applications for Fall and Academic Year 
  • October 1st: Deadline for applications for following Spring

All applications must be complete (including budget page) and be approved by both Program Chair and your respective Associate Vice President (AVP) by three days after this deadline, or will not be considered.

Application Packet

Both the IRA application and a budget page are required for your application. Applications for UNIV 392 international travel must also include a copy of their Center for International Affairs proposal and budget page.

1) IRA Application Form

Our IRA Application is now online! Complete the Online Application

Here is a Word Document that lists out the questions from the IRA Application. (For reference only; Not to be used in lieu of completing the online application)

2) IRA Budget Form

Choose the appropriate form below. Please note that one of the following must be attached to your online application:

If you experience any accessibility issues with the above documents, please contact the IRA Coordinator at

Emergency Requests

Emergency Requests will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

IRA Report Form

Reports on IRA report forms are required for IRA-funded events. Forms are due 30 days after the activity took place. Digital versions of reports are preferred.

IRA Post-Activity Report Form (MS Word, 217 KB)

IRA Evaluations

Sponsors of overnight field trips must have all participants complete and submit results of the following online Qualtrics survey: IRA Overnight and International Travel Evaluation

Sponsors of IRA-funded actvities are encouraged to utilize some form of student evaluation as part of their required project report. The IRA student evaluation form below is an example of a form to distribute to activity attendees. Digital evaluations are preferred. Contact IRA Coordinator if you need help creating an online evaluation survey for your students.

Student Evaluation Form (MS Word, 24 KB)

IRA Applications for Academic Year 2015-2016

List of Funded IRA Projects for Fall 2015 (MS Excel, 13KB)

Applications for Fall 2015

  • 0693 UNIV 392: Culture and Commerce in Taiwan, Wagner
  • 0694 Model United Nations, Grove
  • 0695 Island Fox Literary Journal (Spring 2015), Peters
  • 0696 Communication for Social Change: Class Presentations & Campus-wide Speaking Event, Chen
  • 0697 Campus-wide Colloquium: Media Campaigns and Hospice Care, Jenkins
  • 0698 Yosemite Field Experience, Wakelee
  • 0699 History Community Seminar, Meriwether
  • 0700 Days of Service, Pacheco
  • 0701 Santa Rosa Island Service Learning Trip (Fall-15 & Spring-16), Clarke
  • 0702 UNIV 392: Natural and Cultural History of Costa Rica, Rodriguez
  • 0703 Chemistry Department Seminar, Aloisio
  • 0704 UNIV 392: Science and Technology in Japan, Aloisio
  • 0705 Sustainability at CI, Aloisio
  • 0706 CERN Internships (Spring 2015), Grzegorczyk
  • 0707 English Speaker Series, Carswell
  • 0708 BIOL 310 - Vertebrate Zoology: Weekend Trip to Santa Rosa Island Research Station, Norris
  • 0709 Archaeological Site Monitoring on Santa Rosa Island, Delaney
  • 0710 UNIV 392: Biotechnology in India, Parmar
  • 0711 Beyond the Classroom Door: Impact of Immigration on Latino Students' Lives, Contreras
  • 0712 Chicana/o Voices of the Past and Present, Barajas
  • 0713 Waves of Change: Exploring Channel Islands History, Contreras
  • 0714 Music in History Performance / Demonstration Series, Marsh
  • 0715 Race Segregation at Work and State Equal Employment Law, O'Connor
  • 0716 Jazz Performance / Demonstration Series, Marsh
  • 0717 World Music Performance / Demonstration Series, Marsh
  • 0718 ACM Intercollegiate Programming Contest, Thoms
  • 0719 Mathematics Seminar, Banuelos
  • 0720 Hurricane Katrina: The Ten Years After Mini-Conference, Powelson
  • 0721 Campus Reading Celebration, Cook
  • 0722 Daniel Lee Music Festival, Cook
  • 0723 Student Research Travel Fund, Cook
  • 0724 Beatles Guest Artist Series, Murphy
  • 0725 Woodstock Lecture Series, Peters
  • 0726 ESRM 492: Service Learning in New Orleans, Anderson
  • 0727 Blue Ocean Summit, Anderson
  • 0728 Installing Sustainability Dashboard at Santa Rosa Island Research Station, Wood

IRA Applications for Academic Year 2014-2015

List of Approved IRA Applications for Spring 2015 (MS Excel, 14KB)

All Applications for Spring 2015:

  • 0651 UNIV 392:  Language and Culture in Colombia, Clark
  • 0652 Chicana/Latina: Learning and Leadership of the Past and Present, Barajas
  • 0653 Noche de Fiesta, Kornuc
  • 0654 History Community Seminar, Meriwether
  • 0655 ESRM 463:  Owens Valley Field Trip for Water Resources Management, O'Hirok
  • 0656 Arts Under The Stars, Castillo
  • 0657 #1 Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning: Famworker Immersion Project, Pacheco
  • 0658 The Politics of Race and Ethnicity Speaker Series, McThomas
  • 0659 World Music Guest artist Series, Murphy
  • 0660 Santa Rosa Island and its Human Footprint: An Artistic Approach, Bourely
  • 0661 #2 Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning: Mending Patriotism, Pacheco
  • 0662 Archaeological Site Monitoring at the SRI Research Station, Perry
  • 0663 #3 César Chávez Day of Service and Learning: Day of Service, Pacheco
  • 0664 UNIV392:  International Experience Germany, Jacobson
  • 0665 ESRM/BIO 313: Conservation Biology Field Trip to SRI Research Station, Steele
  • 0666 Santa Rosa Service Learning Trip, Clarke
  • 0667 “Careers in Strategic Communication” and “Crafting Successful Health Campaigns," Smith
  • 0668 UNIV 392:  International Health Care Perspectives through Immersion in Costa Rica, Hannans
  • 0669 English Speaker Series, Carswell
  • 0670 Univ 392:  Introduction to the Arts and History of China, Corbett
  • 0671 CSU Student Research, Cook
  • 0672 CurARTE! Healing through Art & Culture, Luna
  • 0673 2015 Detroit Study Tour, Griffin
  • 0674 CERN internships-ATLAS Project, Wood
  • 0675 2015 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Kee-Rose
  • 0676 CI Pop-Up ReStore, Matsuo
  • 0677 Life Balance for Future Helping Professionals, Moon
  • 0678 Jazz in America Concert/Demonstration Series, Marsh
  • 0679 Bio 499:  Sea Change -- Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Dilly
  • 0680 "Music In History" Performance/Demonstration Series, Marsh
  • 0681 Anti-Bullying Project, Balen
  • 0682 UNIV 392:  Intercultural Communication & Design, Jenkins
  • 0683 Pacific Island Resource Management in the Cook Islands, Anderson
  • 0684 SP 2014 Performing Arts – Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or What You Will, Burriss
  • 0685 ANTH 345:  Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island, Olsthoorn
  • 0686 BIO/ART 389:  Scientific Illustration Tools, Fleming
  • 0687 UNIV 392:  Art in Paris, King
  • 0688 ESRM 200:  Principles of Resource Management Field Trip to SRI Research Station, Rodriguez
  • 0689 “Beyond Machismo: Chicana Intersectional Understandings of Latino Men’s Feminisms,” Teranishi Martinez
  • 0690 Logging-on to Internet-based Social Networks Offline, Thoms
  • 0691 Mathematics Seminar, Banuelos
  • 0692 CI Rainbow Project What, Why, and How: Brainstorming, Reconnaissance, and Educational Trip to Santa Rosa Island and the CI SRI Research Station, A.J. Bieszczad

Applications for Fall 2014

Archive of Proposals from previous years

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