• March 1st: Deadline for applications for Fall and Academic Year 
  • October 1st: Deadline for applications for following Spring

All applications must be complete, (including budget page) and be approved by both Program Chair and your respective Associate Vice President (AVP) by three days after this deadline, or will not be considered.

Application Packet

Both the IRA application and a budget page are required for your application. Applications for UNIV 392 international travel must also include a copy of their Center for International Affairs proposal and budget page.

1) IRA Application Form

Our IRA Application is now online! Complete the Online Application

Here is a Word Document that lists out the questions from the IRA Application. (For reference only; Not to be used in lieu of completing the online application)

2) IRA Budget Form

Choose the appropriate form below. Please note that one of the following must be attached to your online application:

If you experience any accessibility issues with the above documents, please contact the IRA Coordinator at

Emergency Requests

Emergency Requests will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

IRA Report Form

Reports on IRA report forms are required for IRA-funded events. Forms are due 30 days after the activity took place. Digital versions of reports are preferred.

IRA Report Form (MS Word, 213 KB)

IRA Evaluations

Sponsors of overnight field trips must have all participants complete and submit results of the following online Qualtrics survey: IRA Overnight and International Travel Evaluation

Sponsors of IRA-funded actvities are encouraged to utilize some form of student evaluation as part of their required project report. The IRA student evaluation form below is an example of a form to distribute to activity attendees. Digital evaluations are preferred. Contact IRA Coordinator if you need help creating an online evaluation survey for your students.

Student Evaluation Form (MS Word, 24 KB)

IRA Applications for Academic Year 2014-2015

Applications for Fall 2014

Archive of Proposals from previous years

File Viewing Information

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