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Academic Year 2013-2014

533B UNIV 392: Biotechnology in India, Parmar (497KB)

0549 Campus Reading Celebration, Cook (61KB)

0554 World Music Guest Artists (N. Dhillon & P. Livingstone 10/29), Marsh (45KB)

0559 Model United Nations - Seattle (Grove/Scholl 11/2013) (11KB)

0561 Archaeological Fieldwork on Santa Rosa Island, Delaney (506KB)

0562 ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest, A.J. Bieszczad (309KB)

0563 National Park Field Experience, Rodriguez/Wakelee (831KB)

0567 Beatles Guest Artists (Emerick), Murphy (36KB)

0567 Beatles Guest Artists, Emerick (Spring 2014), Murphy (82KB)

0567 Beatles Guest Artists (Juber), Murphy (36KB)

0568 Music in History (Nesteruk 11/26/13), Marsh (225KB)

0569 Jazz Performance/ Lecture Series (Lott/Rosen, 09/16/13) Marsh (27KB)

0569 Jazz Performance/ Lecture Series (C. Felton / S. Stein, 11/6), Marsh (52KB)

0570 Service Learning Livescan Fund, Pacheco (75KB)

0574 UNIV 392: Nursing in Ireland, Hunter (117KB)

0577 & 0578 Santa Rosa Island & Santa Cruz Island Trips, Chapman (609KB)

0580 Farmworker Immersion/ César Chávez Day, Pacheco (956KB) 

0582 Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Pacheco (392KB)

589 Southern California Writing Centers Association Conference, Klompien (116KB)

0590 Model United Nations, Grove/ Scholl (702KB)

0603 Paperback Writer Band, Murphy (72KB)

604 World Music Guest Perf/ Lecture Series (Amadou Fall), Marsh (223KB)

604 World Music Guest Perf/ Lecture Series (Dhillon/ Livingstone 3/12/14), Marsh (PDF, 18MB)

0604 World Music Performance, Debussy Trio (04/10/14), Marsh (224KB)

0604 World Music Performance, Irish Music (04/14/14), Marsh (177.7KB)

607 Jazz Performance/Clinician Series (2/26/14), Marsh (2.8MB)

607 Jazz Performance/ Clinician Series ("Jazz Meets the Beatles- 3/10/14"), Marsh (166KB)


Academic Year 2012-2013

0461 Documentary Film & Lecture Series,Balén/Pacheco

0468 HIST/PSY 436 Guest Lectures, Volkan

0469 Perspectives on Disability, Itkonen

0470 Model United Nations, Grove/Scholl

0471 Island Fox Literary Journal, Peters

0472 Penny Stallings Lectures, Peters

0473 UNIV 392: Culture & Commerce in Taiwan, Wagner

0474 Global Histories and Their Futures, Buschmann (59KB)

0475 Habitat Choice in Hawaii's Humpback Whales, Cartwright (20KB)

0476 Campus Reading Celebration, Cook

0477 World Music Guest Lecture/ Performance (Rigler), Murphy 

0477 World Music Guest Lecture/Performance (Roscetti), Murphy (105KB)

0478 Beatles Guest Lectures (Emerick), Murphy

0478 Beatles Guest Lectures (Juber), Murphy (PDF, 35KB)

0480 Dolphinpalooza/ CI 10th Anniversary Celebration, Murphy (35KB)

0481 Yosemite Field Trip, Rodriguez/Wakelee

0482 UNIV 198: Inside the Black Box Trips, Cook/Kelly

0484 ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest, Bieszczad

0486 Musical Experience Guest Lecture/Perf- Quarteto Nuevo, S. Marsh

0486 Musical Experience Guest Lecture/Perf- Moira Smiley & VOCO, S. Marsh

0487 UNIV 392 Natural and Cultural History of Costa Rica. B. Monsma

0488 AASHE Conference, O'Hirok (86KB)

0491 SACNAS National Conference, Parmar

0493 Livescan, Center for Community Engagement

0494 Service Learning in New Orleans, Anderson (1.0 MB)

0495 The Donner Party Cycle Part II, Mayberry

0500 Sustainability at CI, Aloisio/Anderson/Griffin/Wakelee

0501 Chicano Studies Literary Event, Alamillo/Contreras

0502 Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War, Meriwether

504 BIOL 433 Field Trips, Chapman (218KB)

0505 César Chávez Week of Service and Learning, Center for Community Engagement

0507 5th Annual Conference on Social Justice in Education, Itkonen

508 UNIV 392: Globalization and South Korea, Nam (46KB)

510 Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island for ANTH 445, Perry (302 KB)

511 Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island for ANTH 498, Perry (156 KB)

0512 Spring Performance: Thresholds, Burriss (PDF, 170KB)

0513 National Conference on Undergraduate Education, Kee-Rose (132KB)

0514 Research at Sea, Cogan (443KB)

0515 Precious Knowledge Lecture/Screening, Alamillo/Francois/Contreras (187KB)

0517 Guest Lecture/ Performance Series (Sax Quartet), Marsh (543KB)

0518 Guest Lecture / Performance Series- Jazz Quartet, Marsh

0518 Guest Lecture / Performance Series-Guitar Duo, Marsh

0519 UNIV 392: Social Change in Spain, Jiménez-Jiménez (97KB)

0520 UNIV 392 - Cuba Today, Clark/ Alamillo  (902KB)

0521 CERN Internships, Dougherty (220KB)

0526 A Night of Undercards (James Jay), Carswell (51KB)

0527 Poe Symposium, Wheeler (31KB)

0528 Children's Reading Celebration & Young Author's Fair, Pinkley (80KB)

0529 Traditional Irish Ethnomusicology, Downey (82K)

0530 Owens Valley Field Trip for ESRM Students, O'Hirok (67KB)

0531 LACMA Visitation, Matsuo (PDF, 494KB)

0532 Beatles Guest Artist (Emerick), Murphy (PDF, 66KB)

0535 Water Conflict: Policy and Communicative Implications, Clarke/Kelly/Rodriguez

0538 Anti-Bullying Project, Balén (99KB)

0540 Noche de Fiesta, Kornuc (475KB)

0541 Arts Under the Stars, Castillo (6MB)

0542 Model United Nations, Grove/Scholl

0543 Art Program Screening of Film and Animation, Figueroa (2.4MB)

0544 Museum Visit- Physics of Art, Clifford

0545 New West Symphony Orchestra- Physics of Art, Clifford

0546 Guest Musicians- Physics of Music, Clifford

Academic Year 2011-2012

0411 HIST/PSY 436 Guest Lectures, Volkan

0417 Jazz Guest Lecture Series, Murphy

0423 Physics of Music, New West Symphony, J. Clifford

0425 Physics of Music Guest Musicians, J. Clifford

0429 UNIV 392: Global Cities, Madrid, A. Jiménez- Jiménez

0434 Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island, Delaney

0436 Livescan, Grove

0440 World Music Guest Lecture & Performance, Murphy

0441 UNIV 392- Japan, S. Aloisio (16KB)

0442 CSU Student Research Competition- Student Research Steering Committee

0443 Model United Nations, Grove/Scholl

0444 UNIV 392- Paris & Florence, Reilly

0445 CI Annual Art Exhibition & Student Catalog, Reilly

0446 2012 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Kee-Rose

0448 Musical Experience Guest Lecture/ Performance, Marsh

0452 Dance & Music Under the Stars, Castillo

0453 ESRM Spring Speaker/Lecture Series, Rodriguez

0454 American Water Association & Metropolitan Water District Tours, O'Hirok

0455 Spring Production- Cabaret, Burriss

0456 UNIV 391: Science & Public Policy in Yellowstone, Denton/Frisch (242KB)

0457 Social Change in Spain, Hartung (196KB)

0462 Noche de Fiesta, Kornuc

0463 NCUR & ASBMB, Parmar

Academic Year 2010-2011

0375 BIOL 433 Field Trips, Chapman

0383 ASBMB & ASM, Parmar

0389 Habitat of Hawaii's Humpback Whales, Cartwright

0393 Anti Bullying Summit/ Religious Leaders Panel, Balén

0404 UNIV 392- Japanese Cultural Experience in Hawaii, Teranishi/Volkan

0407 Island Fox, Peters