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0407 Island Fox Literary Journal, Peter (PDF, 613.4KB)

0409 CSUCI Programming Guru Contest, Bieszczad (PDF, 2.0MB)  

0410 ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest (PDF, 2.0MB) 

0411 Speakers for History and Psychology of East Asian Warrior Cultures, Volkan (PDF, 718.5KB)    

0412 Mathematics Seminars, Wyels (PDF, 921.9KB)  

0413 Field Trips for BIOL 433: Fall 2011 & BIO 433/Geol 300 for Spring 2012, Chapman/ Robinson (PDF, 910.2KB)

0414 World Music Concert Series, Murphy  (PDF, 685.6KB) 

0415 Beatles Guest Lecturers and Concert, Murphy (PDF, 697.2KB)  

0416 World Music Guest Lecture/ Performance Series, Murphy (PDF, 626.3KB)      

0417  Jazz Concert/ Demonstrations/ Q & A Series, Murphy (PDF, 835.1KB)

0418 Model United Nations, Grove/ Burnham (PDF, 515.6KB)  

0419 Mortar Board National Honor Society, Grove (PDF, 533.6KB)   

0420 Global Histories and their futures, Buschman  (PDF, 473.6KB)   

0421 Perspectives on Disability and Civic Engagement: Educational Experiences and Life Stories, Itkonen (PDF, 518.4KB)       

0422 UNIV 392: Journey to the New South Africa, Grove (PDF, 888KB)       

0423 New West Symphony Orchestra,- Physics of Music, Clifford (PDF, 562.4KB)   

0424 Yosemite National Park Field, Rodriguez (PDF, 558.9KB)      

0425  Guest Musician- Physics of Music, Clifford(PDF, 562.2KB)  

0426 ESRM Career Development Day, Rodriguez, O'Hirok (PDF, 492.9KB)   

0427  Composting Research & Equipment for Sustainability at CI, Don Rodriguez (PDF, 956.5KB)        

0428 Spring Break 2012: New Orleans-Hurricane Katrina/ Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Impacts , and recovery, Anderson (PDF, 552.4KB)   

0429 UNIV 392 Global Cities: Madrid, Jimenez  (PDF, 2.5MB) 

0430 UNIV 391 Research at Sea, Cogan (PDF, 484.8KB)    

0431 Trip to Museum of Tolerance, Ellison (PDF, 5.4MB)    

0432 An Evening with Karen Tei Yamashita, Carswell/ Peters (PDF, 559KB)  

0433 Music In History Demonstration/ Performance Series, Bickell (PDF, 376.6KB)    

0434 Field Trip to Santa Cruz Island, Delaney-Rivera (PDF, 439.9KB)        

0435 Chicano/a Educational Justice Series, Alamillo (PDF, 456.4KB)  

0436 Service Learning Livescan Support, Grove/ Pacheco (PDF, 423.9KB)  

0438 Campus Readership, Scholl (PDF, 2.4MB)     

0439 Detroit Study Tour, Griffin (PDF, 698.0KB)

0440 World Music Guest Lecture/ Performance Series, Murphy (PDF, 293.1KB)    

0441 UNIV 392: Science and Technology in Japan, Aloisio (PDF, 399.6KB)     

0442 CSU Student Research Competition, Leonard/ Wyels (PDF, 437.6KB)   

0443 Model United Nations, Grove/ Scholl (PDF, 381.8KB)    

0444 UNIV 392: CI Art in Paris and Florence, Reilly (PDF, 289.8KB)    

0445 Annual  CI Student Art Exhibit, Reilly (PDF, 332.4KB)  

0446 2012 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), Kee- Rose (PDF, 362.3KB)

0447 Earth Day Celebration, Griffin/ Wakelee (PDF, 334.4KB)     

0448 Musical Experiences Guest Lecture/ Performance Series, Marsh  (PDF, 371.1KB)   

0449 Spring 2012 Poe Symposium: Agriculture in the Golden State: Challenges in Feeding California in the 21st Century, Alarcon (PDF, 1.1MB)  

0450 Bracero Oral History Project, Center for Community Engagement (PDF, 364.2KB)  

0451 Service Learning on Santa Cruz Island, Delaney-Rivera (PDF, 354.9KB)   

0452 Evening of Dance Under the Stars, Castillo (PDF, 302.3KB)    

0453 ESRM 2011 Spring Seminar Series Speaker Honoraria, Rodriguez (PDF, 303.4KB)  

0454 Water Resources (ESRM 463) and Water Conflict in the West (UNIV 298) Joint Field Trip, Rodriguez/ Clarke/ Kelly/ O'Hirok  (PDF, 388.3KB)

0455 Spring Performing Arts Production: Cabaret, Burriss (PDF, 2.5MB)  

0456 Science & Public Policy in Yellowstone National Park,  Denton/ Frisch  (PDF, 1.0MB) 

0457 Spanish Life and Culture/ Social Change in Spain, Hartung/ Jimenez (PDF, 1.4MB)    

0458 Guest Lectures and Field Training from Dr. Josips Kusak, Anderson (PDF, 3.0MB) 

0459 Purchase Digital Equipment for Student Checkout, Stratton (PDF, 915.7KB)    

0460 Panel Discussion of Local Religious Leaders/ Anti-Bullying Summit, Balen/ Burnham  (PDF, 6.2MB)  

461 Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness, Balen/ Burnham (PDF, 1.3MB)  

0462 Noche de Fiesta, Kornuc/ Ballman (PDF, 2.2MB)

0463 Student Travel to 1) NCUR- National Conference on Undergraduate Research and 2) ASMB-National Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Parmar(PDF, 1.4MB)  

0464 Student Presenations of Original Research at the Western Psychological Association (WPA) Convention, Martinez (PDF, 2.2MB)