Materials, Services, Facilities, and Technology Funding

The Materials, Services, Facilities, and Technology (MSFT) Fee was initially established under CSU Executive Order 827.  In Fall 2012 CI students approved a fee referendum increasing the MSFT fee by $30.00/student/semester over a period of three years (increasing the rate $25.00/student/semester in fall 2013, no increase/student/semester in fall 2014, and $5.00/student/semester in fall 2015) gradually raising the fee from the current rate of $35.00 to $65.00 by fall 2015.

The purpose of the fee is to:

  • Expand useable space at the university including purchase of instructional equipment, furniture, special repairs, and deferred maintenance
  • Provide services that enhance the educational experience of students
  • Make purchases that enhance the student's university experience such as, but not limited to, the following:
    • Equipping and upgrading computer labs
    • Equipping and upgrading science labs
    • Enhancing technology resources and to provide better & up-to-date service(s) to students


The funds generated by the MSFT fee are managed by a committee, appointed by the President, which consists of students, faculty and staff.