Anacapa Island. Photo by Derek Lohuis, National Park Service

Apply to the Summer Scholars Institute

Favor de notar: Como el componente académico del Instituto será en inglés, la aplicación debe ser completada en inglés.

To help you prepare a strong application, all the questions may be found below. We recommend you prepare careful responses to questions #12 through #17; you may copy and paste your responses into the online application.

Questions Found in Application

Questions Requiring Short (Factual) Answers

  1. What is your name?
  2. Please carefully enter your e-mail address
  3. Please provide a phone number.
  4. What is the name of your high school?
  5. What is your high school GPA?
  6. Do you believe that your GPA is a true indicator of your academic potential? (Yes/ No)
  7. If your response to #5 is “No,” please explain why you believe that your GPA is not a true indicator of your academic potential.
  8. Please select all the Science classes you have taken in high school. (Table of choices provided: Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science, Health, Biology, Robotics, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Physiology, other. Level of class also requested: Standard, SDAEI, College Prep, Honors or AP, IB.)
  9. If you checked “other” from the choices above, please list other science classes taken in high school.
  10. What is the last Mathematics class you took? Please specify the year you took it and the grade you earned.
  11. What is your major or academic area of interest? (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences and Resource Management, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Other non-Scientific Area, Undeclared)

    Questions Requiring Longer Answers

  12. If your response to #10 is “Other non-Scientific Area” or “Undeclared, please tell us why you are interested in Science or Mathematics. (Please write a minimum of 5 sentences.)
  13. What is (or was) your favorite class in high school? Why? (Please write a minimum of 5 sentences.)
  14. Please describe your worst experience in Mathematics. If all your mathematical experiences have been positive, then please describe your best experience in Mathematics or Science. (Min. 5 sentences)
  15. Why are you interested in participating in the Summer Scholars Institute? (Min. 5 sentences)
  16. Describe any experience that you have in working as a member of a team.
  17. How do you believe you might benefit from participating in the Summer Scholars Institute?

    A Few More Questions Requiring Short Answers

  18. Please write the name of a Science or Mathematics teacher as a reference. If this person is no longer at your high school, please provide contact information.
  19. Do you speak any languages other than English? (Yes/ No)
  20. If your response to #18 is “Yes,” please write all the languages you speak and give your level of proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced) for each.
  21. What is the highest education level obtained by your... (Table of choices provided: Father ( or person you see as your father), Mother ( or person you see as your mother), Any of your siblings (brothers and sisters).)
  22. Are you committed to attending the entire Summer Scholars Institute (Monday through Friday, July 27 - Aug. 14? (Yes/ No/ Maybe)

Apply to the Summer Scholars Institute

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Island Fox. Photo by NPS