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Payment of Fines & Appeal Process

Beginning May 1of 2009, California State University Police and Parking Services will move to a "paperless" process for the issuance of parking citations, payments and appeals, which will enable those who receive citations to resolve them more efficiently and conveniently on line.
As with our previous citation process, violators will have twenty-one days to pay or appeal the citation. In addition to the new on-line service, citations may be paid and/or appealed by mail.
The new process, coordinated off campus by Parking Management Bureau out of CSU, Stanislaus, can be accessed by going on line to www.pmbonline.org.
The new process was adopted in response to our customers’ requests for an on-line process and is in keeping with the University's reputation of being the "Green Campus."
For additional information, please contact Police and Parking Services Customer Service by calling 805-437-8430 or e-mail parking@csuci.edu.


Parking citations may be paid to PPS in person or by mail.
Parking Violation Bail Schedule

Late Payment of Fines
Failure to remit payment within 21 calendar days of the citation issue date will result in the mailing of a “Notice of Intent” to refer the delinquent account to collections. Failure to respond to the “Notice of Intent” within 14 calendar days will result in a fine increase and the account automatically forwarded to collections.


Appeal of Citation
Parking citation appeal forms may be requested in person, in writing, or by phone from PPS. PPS review the citation and will notify the contestant of the results by mail. The following reasons are not considered for appeal:

  • Ignorance of parking rules and regulations
  • Failure to see/read signage
  • Failure to locate a parking space, parking or stopping for a short period of time
  • Expired meter/time (not related to a mechanical malfunction)
  • Expiration of the 14 calendar day period following the mailing of the “Notice of Intent.”

Parking citation appeal forms must be filed within 21 calendar days from the issue date of the citation or 14 calendar days from the mailing of a “Notice of Intent.” Appeals received after the grace period are not eligible for a review and will be returned. Contestants must contact the Police and Parking Services office if they have not received a response to an appeal within 21 days of filing. Contestants are still responsible for the citation, even if they do not receive the response form. CSUCI follows the procedures for contesting parking violations as stated in the California Vehicle Code, Section 40215.

Administrative Hearings
To contest the results of the initial citation review, contestants have 21 calendar days from the “Disposition Mailed” date to request an Administrative Hearing. A request for an Administrative Hearing can be made in writing or in person. The person requesting a hearing shall have the choice of a hearing by phone or in person (C.V.C. 40215(c)). In addition, the “full” amount of the parking penalty due must accompany the written request. Requests that do not meet the required deadline or include the full payment of the parking penalty will not be eligible for further review, and the decision of the issuing officer will stand. The citation will be processed pursuant to California Vehicle Code, Section 40220(a).

Financial Hardship
Assembly Bill 1228 (C.V.C. 40215(b)) allows a person to request a hearing without payment of the parking penalty upon satisfactory proof of inability to pay the amount due. If due to financial hardship, a request may be made to waive the required penalty deposit by completing a “Waiver of Penalty Deposit” form. This information must be submitted prior to the request for an Administrative Hearing.

Location of Hearings (In-Person)
Hearings are held at Police and Parking Services located in Placer Hall on University Drive. On the day of an appointment, violators/contestants are required to be present at or before an appointed time. Please allow plenty of time for parking, as permits are required to park on campus. Bring copies of all applicable documentation relating to your appeal (i.e., vehicle registration, permit information, placards, etc.) that you wish to have considered.

Notification of the Decision
Results of the hearing will be mailed to the address listed on the “Request for Parking Citation Appeal” form within 15 days of the hearing date.

Failure To Appear
Failure to appear for the scheduled hearing as promised will result in forfeiture of penalty posted. If you decide to forfeit the posted penalty in lieu of appearance, please notify Police and Parking Services at least two (2) days before your scheduled appearance. If you need to reschedule, please contact Police and Parking Services prior to your hearing appointment at (805) 437-8430.

Rescheduling Administrative Hearings
Persons requesting a hearing are allowed to reschedule. If you need to reschedule, contact Police and Parking Services at (805) 437-8430 at least 24 hours prior to your hearing appointment. Rescheduling requests will not be honored if less than 24-hour notice is given. If hearing is not rescheduled within 24 hours or an appellant fails to appear for their scheduled hearing, the hearing will be conducted at the initial time. Rescheduled hearings will be held with or without the appellant in attendance.

Contesting the Results of the Hearing Officer
You will have the right to appeal the final determination of the Hearing Officer to the Superior Court of Ventura County within 21 days of the mailing date of your results. You will be required to process all necessary documents and post a non-refundable filing fee with the Court prior to scheduling your court hearing date. You may obtain all necessary court documents through the Superior Court of Ventura County, Traffic Division, located at 800 S. Victoria Ave., Room 118, Ventura, California 93009.