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What is the CARR?
How do I review my CARR?
What to look for in your CARR and How to Request Changes
What is the What-If Program Scenario Report?
What is the What-If Course Scenario report?
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What is the CARR?

The CARR is a student specific customizable electronic report that outlines General Education, Graduation, Major and Minor requirements for undergraduate students.

How do I review my CARR?

If you are an undergraduate degree seeking student, you can view your CARR by following these steps:

  1. Log in to myCI
  2. Select CI Records in the My Account section
  3. Select My Academics from the Student Center in the Academics section
  4. Select "View my advisement report"

How to View Your CI Academic Requirements Report (PDF, 1.59MB)

What to look for in your CARR and How to Request Changes

1. Are courses meeting the area you intended?

If a course you took is sitting a different area than you intended in your CARR, you can request that the course be moved to a different location by sending an email to with your request.

An example: You took ANTH 102 at CI, which can meet GE Area C3B or GE Area D. The CARR gave you credit for GE Area C3B, but you would prefer GE Area D credit.

2. Is your major reflected correctly?

Submit a Change of Major Request (PDF, 226KB) to the Enrollment Center in order to change your major, claim a major or minor, or to claim an emphasis, option or concentration.

You can view the major we have on file for you in the top left corner of your CARR.

3. Did you submit a Substitution Request that is not reflected?

Send an email to and ask for your approved Substitution Request to be processed in your CARR.

You can determine if your approved substitution request was processed by reviewing your CARR.

4. California Community College Transfer students: If you were CSU G.E. Certified at your community college, is that G.E. pattern reflected in your report?

Send an email to requesting a review your transfer credit for CSU GE Certification.

You can determine if your CSU G.E. Certification or IGETC were processed by reviewing the General Education title in your CARR. If you are certified, the title of your G.E. area will state either "CSU GE Certification pattern" or "IGETC Certification pattern".

What is the What-If Program Scenario Report?

The What-If Program Scenario Report is a simulated CARR for students considering changing their major. Students have the option to define up to three different major or minor scenarios. What-If Program Report enables you to view how your coursework would fit into another major. For more information on What-If Program Scenario Report click here.

What is the What-If Course Scenario report?

The What-If Course Scenario Report is a simulated CARR for students to determine how a course they have yet to enroll in will apply toward their degree. Students have the option to plug possible courses into the What-If and plan for future terms. For more What-If Course Scenario Report click here.


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