Student Research Steering Council Student Travel Funding:  The 2013-2014 Student Research Steering Committee travel funds will be administered with support from the Research and Sponsored Programs Office.  (24 October 2013)

Request for Proposal document can be found [here] (PDF, 99 KB) or [here] (MS Word, 33 KB)

Doreen J. Putrah Travel Fellowship for undergraduates:  This travel fellowship supports student attendance at national or international professional conferences that have the potential of affecting that student's professional trajectory in science or mathematics.  Eligibility criteria and funding limitations apply.  (25 November)

View the Announcement (PDF, 105 KB)

About RSP

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) serves and supports CI faculty and staff engaged in sponsored projects that promote research, scholarly and creative activities.

RSP is dedicated to the encouragement and support of all faculty and staff in the administration of research and sponsored programs.  Working closely with the CI Foundation, the Senior Research Officer ensures that all agency guidelines and university policies are followed in the process of submitting proposals for grants and contracts.

RSP is responsible for overseeing three primary functions:

Pre-Award Administration

RSP staff review and recommend proposals for approval through the Proposal Administrative Review (PAR) process.  During the PAR process, RSP ensures the accuracy of budgets, confirms eligibility, verifies demographic and sponsored activities data, and verifies that the proposal documents conform to the sponsor's formatting requirements.  RSP responds to inquiries related to regulations of the various funding agencies and programs.  Additionally, RSP facilitates award negotiations and acceptance.

Contracts Administration

RSP staff assist faculty and researchers in negotiating and executing contracts with sponsors (corporations, and local, state, and federal government agencies).  RSP also facilitates discussion and negotiation of contractual clauses affecting intellectual property, confidentiality, publications, and any other contractual concerns.  Contracts are reviewed and recommended for approval through the Proposal Administrative Review process (PAR), administered by RSP.

Regulatory Compliance Administration

RSP develops and administers policies and procedures that assure compliance with sponsor, campus, CSU, state, and federal government regulations.  RSP oversees the primary compliance areas of responsible conduct of research, conflict of interest, and research involving human subjects.  Additionally, RSP administers the campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research.

RSP is dedicated to supporting CI faculty and staff by providing the following services:

If you have any questions regarding any of the above listed services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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