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About RSP

RSP supports all faculty and staff through the administration of research and sponsored programs.  Working closely with the CI Foundation, the staff insures that all agency guidelines and university policies are followed in the process of submitting proposals for grants and contracts.

The four primary areas of responsibility in RSP are research development, pre-award (grants and contracts) administration, post-award non-financial administration, and regulatory compliance.

Research Development

Faculty at institutions of higher education have a responsibility to create new knowledge through research (a.k.a., research, scholarship, or creative activity).  At CI, conditions for promotion and tenure are framed using the teacher-scholar model, where teaching informs research and research enriches teaching.  RSP supports faculty research by developing tools and resources that helps them identify and pursue external funding opportunities that align with their scholarly interests.

Pre-Award Administration

RSP staff assists CI employees who are developing proposals for external funding through grants and contracts.    The staff also manages the Proposal Administrative Review (PAR) process for grants and contracts.  RSP responds to inquiries related to regulations of the various funding agencies and programs.  Additionally, RSP facilitates award negotiations and acceptance, and we assist faculty and staff in negotiating and executing contracts with sponsors (corporations, and local, state, and federal government agencies).  RSP also facilitates discussion and negotiation of contractual clauses affecting intellectual property, confidentiality, publications, and any other contractual concerns.  

Post-Award Non-financial Administration

Faculty who apply for and are awarded grants or contracts for research, scholarship, or creative activity can receive budget analyst support from RSP.  Our post-award budget analyst works with PIs to spend their funds, determine what they can and cannot purchase, and helps them keep their project on track through periodic meetings.  Each PI is responsible for the management of their sponsored project; the RSP post-award grants analyst supports that effort with budget tools.   

Regulatory Compliance 

RSP develops and administers policies and procedures that assure compliance with sponsor, campus, CSU, state, and federal government regulations.  RSP oversees the primary compliance areas of responsible conduct of research, conflict of interest, and research involving human subjects.  Additionally, RSP administers the campus Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research.