Science Carnival Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What exactly is the Science Carnival?

Each year since 2008 under the direction of the event founder and director, Dr. Phil Hampton, the California State University Channel Islands has coordinated over 300 volunteers to provide over 80 hands-on science activities and demonstrations to kids in grades K-8 and their families. The objective of this free event is to inspire a love of science in kids and in our community. Most of the activities are run by science professionals from our community or students studying a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) at CSU Channel Islands or a regional community college. It is a magical night you will share with your students or kids that will inspire awe and wonder about the curious fascinations that explains the world around us.

Is there a fee to attend the Science Carnival?

The Science Carnival is a free community event sponsored by California State University Channel Islands and community partners.

Where will the 7th Annual Science Carnival be held?

The 7th Science Carnival will be held at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, located at 2900 Thurgood Marshall Drive Oxnard, CA.

When will the Science Carnival be held?

The Science Carnival is held on the first Saturday in November yearly. This year the event will be held on Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 5 pm to 8 pm. The event has many activities so you will want to arrive early to be able to take in all of the interesting experiments and activities.

Where do I park?

Free parking is available at Oxnard High School, located at 3400 W. Gonzales Street, Oxnard CA across from Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Additional parking is available at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 3301 W. Gonzales Street, Oxnard CA.  Free parking has been made available by these partners. School buses will be able to pull up directly to the school to unload students and family members. Courtesy shuttles are available from the two parking areas.

How much is the parking fee?

Parking for the Science Carnival is free, including bus parking.   The shuttle from the parking areas to the Science Carnival is also free.

Will food be available at the Science Carnival?

Food will be sold at the Science Carnival. Families may bring their own food as well. However, alcohol and glass bottles will not be permitted.   There will be a designated eating area with table and chairs. We ask that our guests not eat in the science area. Drinking fountains, restrooms and accessible facilities will be available.

What can I expect as a parent?

Your child will have the opportunity to see and engage in over 70 science activities and demonstrations. Some of the favorite activities include marshmallow shooters, the self-carving pumpkin, liquid nitrogen frozen candy and ice cream dip-N-dots, the Dark Knight bat sonar experience, and hands-on inflating pig's lungs.  All activities are run by volunteers, including community science professionals, college science students, faculty members, or science enthusiasts.

What support services are provided to multicultural groups?

Families with Spanish-speaking only guests will have the opportunity to tour the Carnival with a Spanish-speaking docent who will happily provide information about each activity in Spanish and translate what the activity leader is explaining to the audience.

How can teachers use the Science Carnival as a supplemental tool for their classroom?

A list of safe Science Carnival activities will be available on our website. Teachers can scaffold and replicate the activities in the classroom and discuss them before attending the Science Carnival. Teachers can remind students that this activity will be featured and to look for it at the event. Teachers can even bring their students on a field trip to the Science Carnival or, alternatively, they can provide extra credit for those who attend and write about one science activity that they saw and learned about the science behind it.

Can I bring my students for a field trip?

Absolutely! Please contact our coordinator to work out the details of unloading students and securing parking for the bus. A teacher or chaperone to student ratio of 1:10 is highly encouraged.

What should I bring?

We recommend dressing in layers and bringing water and food or plan to purchase food at the event. Once your kid sees all of the cool activities, they are rarely ready to leave as early as planned. And, don't forget to bring your curiosity!  You may also want to bring a small flashlight.

Can my child wear their costume to the Science Carnival?

Yes, definitely!