Events on Campus ...

May 2016!

It's almost summer!!

  • Thumbs up to those Dolphins who participated in student service related activities this Spring 2016 and last Fall 2015!
  • CI's "refill not landfill" average diversion rate is 125,402 plastic bottles!  Keep using the stations to refill!
  • Keep An Eye Out for information on our Graduation Gown Drive!

2016 Earth Day ...

Earth Day Extravaganza, April 22nd!


Green Generation Club did a wonderful job warming up participants with yoga and hosting 2016 Earth Day Extravaganza!

2016 Earth Day Extravaganza & Warming Up With Pop-Up Yoga!

Participants were encouraged to learn more about what Earth Day is about by dropping by each table, learning more about what the table was about, then getting their card stamped and entering GGC's raffle.

Other raffles were provided by Sustainable CI Social Lifestyles and CI Bicycle Kitchen & CI Transportation.

Sustainable CI's Facilities Services hosted an Earth Day tree planting volunteer opportunity.  The additional funding provided by I.R.A. enabled more trees to be planted along University Drive and in the restoration of Long Grade Creek.

Sustainable CI's Academic Affairs "What's On Your Plate" Challenge provided CI students the opportunity to learn & appreciate the importance of water and water use. What's On Your Plate Challenge Winner at 71.60 gallons

Congratulations to all the 2016 Earth Day Raffle winners!  We hope everyone who attended 2016 Earth Day Extravaganza learned more about CI's sustainable features and that sustainability is a social lifestyle!  Pass it on! 


Current Events & Projects On Campus ...

This Spring 2016!


  • The campus has been recognized for a 4th consecutive year as Tree Campus USA
    • I.R.A. funding provided Facilities Services the opportunity to host a 2016 Earth Day Tree Planting Event.
  • More lighting upgrades/improvements
    • Facilities will be converting existing light poles to more efficient LED bulbs
  • HRE enhancements/improvements to electrical usage
    • These implementations will enable building as well as floor competitions between the dorms
  • 3D-Printer Upcycling
    • The 3D-Printer would use one-time water bottles which would otherwise go to the landfill as materials for printing.  The use of one-time use plastic water bottles reaffirms CI's diversion of bottles and in this case is "upcycling" the materials from the landfill.  Using one-time use plastic water bottles also saves costs on purchasing materials.
  • Kiln Ceramics Upcycling
    • The plan is to use an existing kiln, refurbish the kiln, and recycle the remnant clay and ceramic wastes into paver bricks.  The upcycled bricks would be used by Facilities and the campus, thus reducing the amount of waste tossed out.



For updates on these and other campus sustainability projects, follow us @SustainableCI (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Past Events & Projects On Campus ...

Looking Back!

Time flies!!!

  • FALL 2015 - Conserve CI Campaign
    • During Fall 2015 an Art Capstone Group took on water conservation.  The Conserve CI group tabled in front of Broome Plaza and posted water conservation posters throughout campus and UGlen.  Water conservation banners were also present while they tabled and the Central Mall Fountain was emptied so a banner could be placed around the facades of the fountain which emphasized California's water crisis with the text "Imagine, A World Without Water".  Students at CI Housing were encouraged to compete in a shower timer competition.  Students on the social media platform, Instagram, were encouraged to learn more about how to save water.  To engage participation with CI students, water conservation challenges were provided on Instagram and winners were rewarded with Conserve CI shirts. Funding was provided by SustainableCI Academic Affairs.
  • SPRING 2015 - Sensor Faucets
    • I.R.A. funding enabled Facilities Services to install sensor faucets in areas of Bell Tower Central restrooms.  The addition of sensor faucets in Bell Tower restrooms would prevent faucets from being left on and precious water from running down the drain.  
  • SPRING 2015 - Art For Recycling
    • These group of Art Capstone students took on recycling as a win-win goal.  They took previously used flyers and discarded paper from recycle bins and printed on the back side.  Additional posters with electricity usage and comparison benchmarks were also posted.  Stickers with a "Remember Recycle' message and animals such as sea gulls and dolphins donned with plastic "capes" were generated to show the importance of recycling and how the marine environment is impacted by the plastic waste.  Recycle To WinThe group tabled during April, Earth Month with a "Recycling To Win" theme - For every 10 recyclable received at their table, the student was given 1 raffle ticket.  The raffle winner would receive a $200 gift card at The Cove bookstore.  Recycling To Win extended their campaign past Earth Month, and as a result of their campaign, 3 student winners each received $200 gift cards for The Cove.
  • SPRING 2015 - Energy Saving Power Strips For Broome Administration OfficesSmart Strips At Broome
    • I.R.A. funding provided Broome Library offices with Energy Saving Power Strips.  The smart strips would auto switch devices from on to off.  When energy is conserved and electricity is reduced, there is less impact on the environment.  The smart strip "uses one watt of power when fully engaged and less than 1/4 of a watt when the automatically switched outlets are off."  The implementation of the smart strips is a considerable savings in per month utility costs for Broome.
  • SPRING 2015 - Shower Time
    • With California's drought situation and water conservation efforts, I.R.A. funding provided shower timers for CI Housing.  The goal was to engage students living in the dorms on water use and conservation through shower competitions.  Involving students with shower time would educate them on the importance of saving water while at the same time making the experience fun and interactive with their fellow peers.
  • SPRING 2015 - Solar at The SUB
    • I.R.A. funding provided this project with a solar charging device.  The device would be mobile and easily hand carried so that students could check-out the solar re-charger for their electronic device such as their phone or tablet.  Once testing is completed, the group will be providing the unit to the SUB for students to use.
  • FALL 2014 - CI Sustainability Map Live Online
    • This project was initiated by SustainableCI Academic Affairs Intern & ESRM Major, Patricia Ligeralde, with the help of Tyler Nichols, ESRM Major.  The map provides end-users sustainable locations/spots at CI - such as Hydration Stations, Bike Racks, Electric Charging Stations, Solar Lights, etc.,... End-users would be provided with visual images of these sustainable CI landmarks alongside brief caption descriptions of the sustainable item.
  • SPRING 2014 - Low Flow Toilet Installations
    • I.R.A. funding provided Facilities Services (fka Operations Planning & Construction) the funds to upgrade existing campus toilets to more sustainable and efficient models.  The upgrades have saved Facilities Services as much as 80% in gallons per flush compared to traditional toilets.  With these savings in water use, FS can continue to meet the CO guidelines and goals.
  • SPRING 2014 - Lighting Survey, Assessment, & Energy Saving Implementations
    • I.R.A. funding enabled Facilities Services (fka Operations Planning & Construction) to conduct a lighting survey in campus buildings.  Energy Conservation StickerThe survey would allow FS to gauge usage as well as identify areas in need of modification (add additional lighting or remove every other bulb) for efficiency and energy savings.  Students were hired to participate in the data gathering and data organization.  Subsequently, energy efficient lighting has been installed in existing classrooms alongside informational signage indicating how much energy is consumed during a regular class day.  Daylight sensors were also installed in office areas and hallways so that lights automatically switch on when needed.
  • SPRING 2014 - GroUp "Solar Heating" Propagation House
    • I.R.A. funding provided this project with a propagation house behind Modoc Hall.  The Propagation House would be used as a means to grow native California plants for use for campus landscaping.  The Propagation House would be equipped with Solar Panels to provide sufficient temperatures for the seedlings and plant starts.
  • SPRING 2014 - Brita Water Pitchers Housing Campaign
    • I.R.A. funding provided this project with the ability to provide HRE dorms with a Brita Pitcher.  Each dorm room would receive a Brita Pitcher & Filter.  Replacement filters would be provided by Housing's.  This campaign would continue to reaffirm the previous Fall group's "Refill Not Landfill" campaign by providing CI Housing the materials and equipment to reuse and refill pitchers at the dorm.
  • FALL 2013 - Composting Project Behind Modoc Hall
    • Greenovation funding enabled the Green Generation Club with the campus's Composting Site behind Modoc Hall.  With Facilities Services (fka Operations Planning & Construction) support, GGC's goal was to provide composting services to CI in conjunction to the needs of the Propagation House nearby.
  • FALL 2013 - Refill Not Landfill Campaign
    • With CI's Hydration Stations installed underway, the Art Capstone group provided graphic material to increase awareness on single-use plastic water bottles and the environmental impact.  Refill Not Landfill Poster CollageThe goal was to promote the use of CI's refill stations and reduce the reliance of single-use plastic water bottles on campus through informative posters affixed at each refill station and other campus bulletin boards.  Additional prints included "Coming Soon" posters for future hydration station locations as well as a "Hydration Station Locations" posters; the later would also be available as a downloadable PDF.  The campaign of "Refill Not Landfill" was further promoted at CI's Spring 2014 Commencement where way-finding signage was placed for refill station locations.  Funding was provided by SustainableCI Academic Affairs.
  • SPRING 2013 - Graduation Gown Recycling Drive
    • In Spring 2013, Academic Affairs Sustainability Intern & Communication Major, Cameron White, initiated the inaugural Graduation Gown Drive.  Future CI graduates with financial burdens would receive a Cap/Gown from a past graduate.  Gown Donation Bins would be placed in areas of the South Quad.  After commencement, CI graduates donate their Cap/Gown by placing them in the donation bin.  SustainableCI Academic Affairs would provide EOP with the donated Caps/Gowns for distribution to EOP registered students.  The future forward goal is to provide CI groups the option of a donated Cap/Gown.  Funding was provided by SustainableCI Academic Affairs.
  • SPRING 2013 - Bike Locker & Rack
    • I.R.A. funding enabled the campus to purchase a bike locker and rack.  The equipment would allow students to secure their bike while on campus.  To facilitate individuals and groups using the gym, the install location for the bike locker would be outside CI's Recreation Center.
  • SPRING 2013 - Rain Barrel Capture System & Chains Project
    • I.R.A. funding provided six rain barrels  for CI to installed across the campus.  The rain barrels would help CI explore the use of reclaimed water, allow CI to save on utility costs, and allow the campus to be more sustainable and self-reliant while the campus grows.
  • SPRING 2013 - Green Roof Sampling Project
    • I.R.A. funding provided 2 sample 3'x3' rain barrel simulations.  Water-wise plants were installed in the 3'x3' simulations and placed at the Student Union courtyard as a way to communicate to students the benefits and cost savings for a green roof.  Future forward goals would see the implementation of a green roof on one of CI's buildings.
  • SPRING 2013 - Green Screens Project
    • I.R.A. funding provided the purchase of green screens.  The green screens would allow e-content display of sustainable campus events, ideas, and projects.  A green screen was installed on the North Quad inside Del Norte and the second green screen was installed inside Bell Tower Central.  The goal of the green screens was to reduce the amount of paper printing by going electronic.  Content would be a collaborative effort between campus groups with students driving the loading and updating of content materials.
  • SPRING 2012 - Solar Powered Cart
    • In January 2012, a campus cart was retrofitted with solar panels.  Funding was provided by a grant from the Chancellor's Offices.  Dylan Ellis, Facilities Services (fka Operations Planning & Construction) student assistant and ESRM Major, facilitated this solar retrofit project.
  • SPRING 2011 - Composting: Vermicomposting & Green Cones Project
    • The Vermicomposting & Green Cones Project was an I.R.A. and Greenovation funded project as submitted by SustainableCI Academic Affairs Intern, Judy Gamboa.  These would be the first composting projects for CI and would be a springboard to future composting and waste management campaigns. 

Sustainability Conferences  ...

  • 2016 The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, CSU Fullerton, June 27th - July 1st
  • 2016 AASHE Conference, Baltimore, October 9th - October 12th

Farmer's Markets in/around Ventura County:

Camarillo | Sat | 8:00am - 12:00pm | Old Town Camarillo

Oxnard | Thu | 4:00pm - 8:00pm | The Collection at RiverPark Farmer's Market

Oxnard | Sun | 10:00am - 2:00pm | Channel Islands Harbor

Oxnard | Thu | 9:00am - 1:00pm | Downtown

Santa Clarita | Sun | 8:30am - 12:00pm | College of the Canyons

Simi Valley | Fri | 11:00am - 3:30pm | Civic Center Plaza

Simi Valley | Fri | 4:00pm - 8:00pm | Simi Valley Towne Center

Thousand Oaks | Thu | 1:30pm - 6:00pm | Oaks Shopping Center

Ventura | Sat | 8:30am – 12:00pm | Downtown

Ventura | Wed | 9:00am – 1:00pm | Midtown

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