Donation Station

At the end Spring semester, Housing creates a donation station for students to divert unwanted items such as, clothes, sheets, TVs, lamps, and household items away from landfills. Students and staff can pick up and take things they want and the remaining items are donated to Ventura County Rescue Mission. Residents take part of the large scale recycle and reuse practices and also show CI’s social stewardship to the community.

donation station at CSUCI

In May 2013, Housing collected and re-purposed 3,280 pounds of used items that did not end up in the landfill. In 2012, Housing recycled 2,357 pounds of donated items.

 Water Reduction Devicesfaucet that controls water flow

Southern California Edison donated and installed shower heads and sink aerators throughout Housing. These devices allow for a lower utility bill and water conservation, which is vital to obtain a sustainable future and keep CI water usage down. The devices reduce water output from 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) to 1.25 GPM. Housing had over 400 bathroom sinks, 103 kitchen sinks and 323 shower heads installed with these water reducing devices.

Vapur refill station that was installed at CSUCI

Hydration Stations

CI purchased and provided 16 hydration stations to be installed around the campus. Housing is installing three for residents around common areas. These hydration stations will have safe and accessible drinking water for the residence and will aid in eliminating the use of plastic water bottles among the CI residence to decrease the amount of plastic water bottles dumped into landfills.

Sustainability Awareness

Housing communicates to residents the importance of being sustainable here at CI. Each suite has their own recycling bin to help establish these sustainable habits among residents. Not only that, they also hire student assistant dedicated strictly to sustainability. Their efforts are tremendous considering what Housing has been able to conserve. Some best practice and awareness campaigns include:

  • Resident Assistants (RA) sharing sustainability practices, such as recycling, composting, water and paper conservation with their residents.
  • Avoiding the posting of paper announcements and using HRE TV channel to announce tips, news and events.
  • Using social media to connect and remind students how their efforts help us to practice sustainability.
  • Reminding residents to keep their utility bill lower than $100 per unit.
  • Students may dispose of old laptops, cell phones, computer screens, tablets, electronic readers, etc. at an e-waste recycling bin in the Santa Cruz Village Office.
  • LED lights are being installed in Anacapa Village hallways.

Housing determined our trash and recycled bins in our common area courtyards were being emptied three times a day. This is a heavy resource commitment to our custodial staff. Housing installed three trash and three recycling solar compactors to continue to encourage residents to dispose properly, but the compactors have also reduced the need to empty the containers down to twice a week. Therefore, permitting our custodial staff to focus on other areas within Housing.

Beginning in fall 2015 Housing will offer shower timers to residents that want to be aware of the amount of time water is being used

Housing is social!  For more sustainability tips and info follow CI Housing:

Tip avoid using plastic grocery bags, use reusable bags instead

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