With the help of the Instructionally Related Activities Fund, these student-led projects have been successful in promoting sustainability around the campus


Hydration Stations

CI was able to purchase sixteen Hydration Stations to be place around campus. These refill stations provide safe drinking water to students and staff all day, every day at no expense to the individual. These refill stations will aid in eliminating the use of plastic water bottles among the CI campus. Since the very first Hydration Station (installed back in February 2013), we have eliminated over 124,946 plastic water bottles on our campus. 26 units have already been installed throughout the campus with two more expected in time for the start of the semester this Fall 2015.

To find your nearby hydration station location click here!


We currently have three GreenScreens around the campus. The GreenScreens allow sustainability topics to be communicated among CI students and staff. A group of students work collaboratively to update the contents of the screens once a week. The GreenScreens promote sustainability efforts while also communicating sustainability projects and awareness to the CI community.

Rain Barrel Systems

Six rain barrels were installed across the campus to help CI explore the use of reclaimed water. This allows CI to not only save money, but also allows us to become more sustainable as the campus grows.

Green Roof

A student initiative to use Garden Roof Assembly for future buildings of CI was initiated in Spring 2013.  The Green Roof's purpose is to help minimize storm water run-off, improve CI's energy efficiency, and lower CI's environmental impact.

Down at Venice Beach, is a live example of a green roof --- and green walls.  Take a look and visit Venice's Green Cube

Possible Student Projects for Future Semesters

One of CI's objectives is to allow students to take on initiatives and projects to promote sustainability on campus. The campus's goal is to not only  grow and expand, but also avoid creating a higher environmental impact while doing so. As a result, early student involvement will enable CI toward a future with a diversified sustainability pool and less environmental impacts. Provided below are a list of possible student projects for future semesters:


  • Recycling awareness program
  • Compost awareness program
  • Waste auditing
  • Water conservation and awareness
  • Reusable water bottle programs


  • Initiatives for bicycle lanes that will encourage alternate transportation
  • Bike share program
  • Carpool program
  • Alternate transportation awareness


  • Promoting and using vendors who practice and promote sustainability.
  • Food donation programs
  • Compostable utensils initiatives


  • Create and promote sustainable event guidelines.

Get involved & engaged!  Contact us for more information: SustainableCI@csuci.edu