Registering a Game Console for use on the Internet 

Students who wish to connect electronic devices other than computers (i.e. game consoles, handheld devices, TiVo) to the internet via the campus wireless system may use the wireless network “CI_GUEST” for this purpose. Your wireless device should be able to see the names of several wireless networks, including “CI_GUEST”.

Wireless devices are registered in myCI under CI Wireless Setting. In order to register a device for use on the CI_GUEST wireless network, you need to determine its MAC address (a unique identifying number/letter sequence provided by the manufacturer). The instructions listed below and categorized by gaming device name will help you identify the correct MAC address. For information on finding the MAC address of other types of devices, consult the device manufacturer’s web site. Be sure to write down the MAC address as you will need to supply it when registering your device. 

Registration Instructions 

Use a computer with internet connectivity on the campus network (i.e. a library computer or your own computer that is successfully connected already) and log into myCI and select Wireless Settings (located under MY LINKS). Select Start Here from the menu and select Create Device. Lastly, enter your MAC Address, Device Name, and Device Type. Your name under Entered By should auto populate. Once all required fields are entered, select Create MAC button.

Registration can take up to one hour before your device will authenticate on the wireless network.

Registration will need to be done once per academic year. Here are the registration instructions with screen shots:

Xbox 360

To find the MAC address of your Xbox 360:

  1. Go to the [System] area of the Xbox Dashboard.
  2. Select [Network Settings].
  3. Select [Edit Settings].
  4. Select [Additional Settings].
  5. Select [Advanced Settings].
At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called "Wired MAC Address."

Nintendo Wii

To find the MAC address for your Nintendo Wii, follow these steps taken from Nintendo's support site:

  1. From the Wii Channel menu, select [Wii Settings] (the round button on the bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it).
  2. Select [Internet], then [Console Settings].
  3. The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line.
Please keep in mind that the Wii can only connect to the Internet via wireless at this time.

Nintendo DS

To find your Nintendo DS's MAC address, you will need a WiFi-enabled game for the Nintendo DS. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Setup in the game's menu. Select [Options], then [System Information]. The MAC address is displayed on the top line.

Playstation 3

From the PS3 main menu screen:

  1. Select [Settings].
  2. Select [System Settings].
  3. Select [System Information].
This screen will display your PS3 MAC address.