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Section 1. Getting Web Space

1.1. Who is allowed to get Web space?

CSU Channel Islands students, tenure track faculty, staff, programs, departments, and officially recognized organizations are eligible for Web space.

1.1a. Can CSU Channel Islands alumni apply for a personal Web space?

No, provisions do not currently exist to provide web space to CI alumni.. While you can't have web space at CI, you can use one of the search engines (i.e. Yahoo) to find out about commercial services for Web hosting.

1.2. How much space do I get?

Web space is allocated as follows:

Type of Web Site Storage Limit (in megabytes)
Individual Student web site up to 300 MB (*see note)
Individual Faculty and Staff web site Please visit CI Keys for more info.
Student Clubs and OrganizationsSee "Starting a Student Club/Organization"

Note regarding student web site space storage limit:

Effective August 17, 2009, total available storage space will be calculated based on total available storage within Dolphin Files, which is 300 MB per student. For example, student Tracey Smithson has stored 200MB of documents and other data in Dolphin Files. Because the total Dolphin Files storage limit is 300MB, Tracey can use 100MB (300MB – 200MB) for student web site storage.

1.2b. How do you define an Officially Recognized Organization?

An officially recognized organization at CI is defined as one that has been officially recognized by the University President or designee.

1.3. How much does it cost?

The initial amount of space is currently allocated at no cost. However, approved requests for web space increases may incur fees to assist with set-up and maintenance costs.

1.3b. How do I obtain additional web space? Can additional web space be purchased?

At this time, students can neither obtain nor purchase additional space on the University web servers.

Faculty, staff and officially recognized organizations that require additional web space beyond the baseline service should contact Web Services. Requests for additional web space will be evaluated based upon need and available system resources.

1.4. How do I get a web space?

Student web accounts are created using an automated process on a nightly basis for all students who have met University enrollment and matriculation criteria as of the current date.

Faculty and staff web accounts are serviced through CI Keys. Please visit CI Keys for more info.

Official University Organization web accounts are created by request only. To submit a request,please contact the T&I Help Desk by phone at 805-437-8552 or email

Student Clubs and Organizations must be officially recognized by the University in order to obtain web space, and will need to obtain the approval of the Student Leadership and Development office. Please visit "Starting a Student Club/Organization".

1.5. What do I need to get started building my web page?


To access your web space, you will need:

  • Your account information, including the SFTP host name, your Dolphin Name and your Dolphin password.
  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • Web page creation software
    • Adobe Dreamweaver is recommended for web pages
    • Adobe Photoshop is recommended for working with images in web pages

Faculty and Staff

To access your web space visit the CI Keys support page for detail informaiton.

Official Campus Organizations

Please contact the T&I Help Desk to request web space and access information.

1.5b Where can I obtain web page creation software?

Many of the computer labs on campus have Adobe Dreamweaver installed.

Students may purchase web page creation software through the Campus Bookstore at academic discount. Please visit the Campus Bookstore web site.

Faculty, staff and campus organizations should contact the Help Desk at 805-437-8552 to request to have Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop installed on their office computer(s). CI has a campus license for employee use of Adobe Creative Cloud.

1.6. Can someone teach me how? Where do I go for help?

Help for faculty, staff and organizations

Please direct all requests for assistance with CSU Channel Islands web site, including accounts, training, and troubleshooting to the Help Desk, at 805-437-8552 or via email at Web Services can provide personalized training in both group and one-on-one sessions.

The CSU Channel Islands Library also offers various training opportunities throughout the year for University faculty and staff. For complete seminar descriptions, schedules, and resources, visit the Library Training Web Site for a wide range of on-line tutorials and resources.

Help for students

Students can contact the University Library for assistance with creation of web sites, and may also visit the Web Services web site for links to guides and tutorials about creating and maintaining web pages.

1.7. What are the rules for use of my web space?

Please review the applicable University policies in the CI Administrative Policy Manual, located at

1.8 I am a student. How long will my personal Web space remain active?

Student space will remain active during periods of continuous enrollment and for three months after graduation. Personal space is kept active during the summer for students who are expected to return in the Fall semester. Students who are not actively enrolled by the end of the drop/add period for each semester will have their accounts deactivated and their data deleted.

1.9 I am a faculty member. How long will my personal web space remain active?

Faculty web space will remain active until termination of employment.

1.10 How long will student club or organization web space remain active?

Student Clubs and Organizations must renew their web accounts with Student Leadership and Development during each Fall and Spring semesters. Any student clubs or organizations which have not renewed their web accounts within 1 month of the first day of classes for a given Fall or Spring semester will have their accounts and web sites disabled. Student clubs and organization web sites approved for a given Spring semester will be active throughout the summer session.