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Section 7. Information for Faculty

 7.1. I am teaching a course and would like to make a Web page for it. How do I do this?

You have two options:

  • Manage your course and your students in CI Learn , a full-featured web-based learning management system, or
  • Build and maintain your own course web site in your personal folder on the faculty web server.

To receive assistance with CI Learn, please contact the IT Help Desk.

To request a personal web site, please contact the IT Help Desk.

 7.2. I would like my class to work in groups in order to create Web documents. Is there course Web space available for such projects?

CI Learn has online collaboration tools such as discussion boards (which allow files to be attached to a message) and live chat. Alternately, students can post their web documents to their individual web folders on the student web server.

Please contact the IT Help Desk assistance with CI Learn.

 7.3. I would like to give one of my students permission to update my Web pages. Can I do this?

Yes. Please send a request to the IT Help Desk. Please specify the full name of the student, the duration of access for the student, and the student's email address. Web Services will then create the user account, enable access for that account to your folder, and email the student with the necessary access information.

 7.4. I am teaching a course and I would like my students to publish portfolios of their work in their personal web space. How do I do this?

e-Portfolios are an alternative assessment strategy that can be used to supplement or replace more traditional ways of determining what students know and can do. Student e-Portfolios result when faculty require students to publish purposeful collections of examples of their work, and to annotate the examples with reflective commentary.

Each CSU Channel Islands student receives an email account and a personal web site at the beginning of their first semester of enrollment at the University.

Information about student login is available in Section 8 of this FAQ.

Students should be directed to publish their collections to their student web space.