"Dealing with the Economic Downturn" March 6, 2009

Steven Goodall discussed his perspective of the origins, consequences and responses to the current economic crisis by J.D. Power as a company and by its clients in the automotive and other industries. Goodall presented an executive's view of the impacts and implications of the current economic dilemma and some lessons learned to keep in mind as we move forward.

Audience eats at mixer prior to speaker event
Dr. Cordeiro introduces Goodall
Dr. Cordeiro introduces Goodall
Goodall speaks to audience
Goodall presenting JD Power's revenue
Goodall presenting JD Power's revenue story
Audience listens as Goodall speaks
Audience continues to listen as Goodall speaks
Students in audience engaged in topic
Audience Q&A
Goodall answers audience questions
Further audience Q&A
Audience Q&A continues
Goodall audience looks on attentively
Dr. Cordeiro thanks Goodall for presentation
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