Message from the Faculty Co-Director

The Center for Multicultural Engagement (CME) aims to foster a campus climate, both inside the classroom as well as outside in our broader communities, valuing and respecting all forms of diversity. The CME challenges students, staff, and faculty to commit to diversity as a source of renewal and vitality to empower YOU to be an active agent of change promoting civic action and social justice.

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Message from the Student Affairs Co-Director

In collaboration with the Center for Multicultural Engagement (CME) Advisory Board, we hope to bring more opportunities to engage the campus community in cultural experience to enhance dialogue around diversity on campus.  There are so many perspectives and lived experiences we want to uplift so it will be critical to do this together.  This work will also entail disrupting the dominate narrative in our society and unveil many of the erased or silenced histories both nationally and internationally.

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