The Communication & Marketing office at CSU Channel Islands (CI) manages internal and external communication, including marketing, news and social media, creative services, emergency and public information. Its efforts center on creating a positive image of the University as a valuable resource for the community, viable economic contributor to the region and state, and leading educational institution of higher learning.

The Communication & Marketing team serves as liaison between CI and the news media; coordinates social media communication, produces a semi-annual University magazine, Channel; a biweekly electronic newsletter for the campus community, Wavelength; and assists with the graphic design, photography, video, and production of other campus publications.

Contact Us:

Communication & Marketing
Division of Technology & Innovation
Telephone 805-437-8415
Fax 805-437-8459

Communication & Marketing Team

Nancy Covarrubias Gill
Director of Communication & Marketing

Joanna Murphy
Associate Director of Communication & Marketing

Kim Lamb Gregory
Communication Specialist II

Tom Emens
Multimedia Coordinator

Kevin Mapp
Photographer & Videographer

Jennifer Kubel
Graphic Designer II

Kristin Steiner
Communication Specialist