Graduation rates at the CSU are at record highs, due in part to Graduation Initiative 2025’s (GI2025) emphasis on equity. The initiative is the CSU’s determined effort to ensure that all students regardless of racial, ethnic or financial background have an equal opportunity to earn a college degree.


First-Year Students

Our goal is that 40% of our first year students complete their bachelor’s degree in 4 years, and 67% complete in 6 years.

  • 4-Year Goal: 40%

  • 6-Year Goal: 67%

Transfer Students

Our goal is that 54% of our transfer students complete their bachelor’s degree in 2 years and 78% complete in 4 years.

  • 2-Year Goal: 54%

  • 4-Year Goal: 78%

How can we meet these challenging goals?

Graduation Initiative Task Force

Ensuring that all students have the necessary skills and academic supports to complete a degree pathway at CSUCI is the role of the GI 2025 Taskforce within the Division of Academic Affairs.

Learn More About the Task Force

Key Student Success Indicators: Data Dashboards

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