Common Room-El Dorado Hall room #110

The common room is El Dorado’s primary space for relaxing and hanging out. Whether you come to relax or work, its comfortable couches, large tables and family atmosphere make it the perfect place to connect with CI’s graduate community. The common room is staffed with friendly student assistants who are available to answer questions and inform you about upcoming events. This room is fully equipped with a multimedia projection system with CD/DVD player, Wi-Fi Internet access and flexible furniture to organize for any occasion.

Conference Room-El Dorado Hall room #108

The conference room can comfortably seat up to 15 people, without crowding anyone. The central meeting table provides a surface suited for a comfortable dining experience or the demands of extensive amounts of handouts. (Has two white-board walls). This room has the flexibility, if necessary, to be arranged in a different meeting style as the tables are on rollers. Chairs can be adjusted to fit height requirements.

La Cocina de El Dorado-room #150

Coffee anyone? La Cocina houses Coffee Hour with free coffee for all staff, faculty and students. Feel free to join us, we encourage you to bring your own mug to fill up! Coffee hour is designed for discussion among staff, faculty and students alike. For more information please contact the Graduate Studies Center. Our kitchen area is also equipped with a microwave, snack and soda vending machines for your convenience.  

Lactation Room-El Dorado Hall room #153

The lactation room provides an oasis away from home for mothers who need to find a private spot on campus. The lactation room provides a seating area and changing table for your convenience.

Learning Studio-El Dorado Hall room #140

Whether arranged in a classic conference table configuration or classroom style, this space is generous without feeling impersonal. Flexible enough for meetings and presentations with access to everything necessary for a successful and memorable event sure to be cherished by participants. (All four walls are white boards)

STEM Center

Is the home for student services provided by Project ACCESO for both structured learning and individual or group study; there’s also space conducive for student gatherings as well as informal faculty-student conversations. The STEM Center provides 10 computer stations all equipped with the latest software used in all the STEM courses at CI as well as free tutoring services for lower division STEM courses at CI.

stem center

All CI faculty and staff may book these spaces for special events or study sessions by going to the Events Calendar (  and clicking on the “Request Event+”  link.